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        After Swegde helped Modi and Magni fought off the demon army, the three of them swore to combine the power of the Vanir and the Aesir once again in the war against the demons. They did not realize the demons had only retreated to gather their military forces to target Swegde’s country — Folkvangr!

        Swegde, Modi and Magni headed towards Folkvangr without resting. Upon reaching a neighbouring mountain, they saw that the demon army had taken over the country. Swegde’s father had been killed, with his corpse hanging on the gate. Swegde snapped upon witnessing the terrifying scene. As she charged at the demons recklessly, Modi and Magni eliminated all of the demons trying to get in her way and paved a path for to the gate, where only one demon general was standing guard.

        ‘You dang demons! How dare you humiliate Father like this!’ Swegde became fraught with fury. She brandished Lævateinn as she advanced on the demon general, who easily blocked her thoughtless attacks and threw her off the horse. She rolled on the ground to dodge the tip of the opponent’s blade before she sprang up and slashed at him.

        ‘I’ll rip you to shreds to appease my anger!’ ‘Humph! Arrogant human!’

        The two blades crashed with a clang. The impact shook Swegde’s body; she could not believe what happened next — Lævateinn broke in half right before her eyes.

        “How is this possible...Even Freyr doesn’t recognize my strength…?” She slumped to the ground. As the demon general was about to slash her, a shadow stood before her. That was Magni wielding the god shield!

        A giant thunderbolt struck near the demon general as Modi rode to Swegde and Magni. Modi yelled nervously, ‘There are too many of them. We’ll be surrounded if we don’t do something. Let’s blaze our way out of here!’ Magni nodded and pulled Swegde onto the horse. She had calmed down and was now hugging the broken Lævateinn.

        Modi and Magni fought their way through the demons while protecting Swegde. They finally reached a silent forest. Magni helped Swegde off the horse. Seeing Swegde shudder, he could not help to asking, ‘Are you okay?’

        ‘Don’t even ask…’ She raised her face; it was covered in tears. Her emotions spilled over as she cried frantically, ‘I’ve lost everything! Læ country...Why am I still brea-’

        Slap! Modi slapped Swegde before she could finish the sentence. He scolded her, ‘So you’re going to give up on your life and forget the blood that your people and your father sacrificed in the war?’ ‘...I-I’m not!’ ‘Now as a descendant of Freyr, what should you do at this critical moment?’ ‘I...I’ll fight! My blood may drain away, but my spirit shall prevail!’ Swegde hugged Lævateinn tighter. Lights reignited in her eyes.

        The energized Swegde went to Valhalla with Modi and Magni to recruit more soldiers. She welded the halves of Lævateinn together and engraved the royal emblem onto it. Lævateinn gleamed with bluish light as elemental power flowed through the blade.

        Swegde led Modi, Magni, and their army towards Folkvangr. Following Swegde's plan, Modi led his army to lure the demons to the moat. As the demons reached the moat, there they saw Swegde holding Lævateinn and waiting for them alone. Upon reaching the moat, the demon general saw Swegde holding Lævateinn alone. He burst into laughter and said, ‘You barely escaped from me last time. Now you’re fighting me alone? Do you have a deathwish?’ ‘You’re the one who’s about to die!’ ‘Stubborn girl, I’ll make you beg to die. All soldiers, charge!’

        Swegde closed her eyes and raised Lævateinn to communicate with it.

        “Freyr, my great ancestor, before my eyes are the demons we hate to the bone. I feel your soul shudder. Here! Grant me your power! Bring us victory with your warcry and my spirit!

        She felt water elemental power boiling inside her as she brandished Lævateinn. Consequently, the water in the moat floated up and converged into a giant water sphere in midair.

        ‘Modi!’ Swegde shouted at Modi, who was standing on the walls. He smiled and raised his god hammer. Dazzling thunderbolts descended upon the water sphere, which absorbed the light elemental power. The lights sparking in the water terrified the demons. As Swegde swung Lævateinn, the water sphere scattered into thousands of water arrows that showered upon the demon army!

        The electrified water arrows wiped out most of the demon army. The demon general was too busy panicking to notice Swegde approaching. She thrust Lævateinn into his body to avenge her father. The demon army collapsed in a blink without a leader. Later, Swegde led the Valhalla army into Folkvangr to wipe out the rest of the demons and recapture their land.

        ‘Father, rest in peace. I’ll inherit your spirit and protect our country,’ whispered Swegde standing before her father’s grave. Afterwards, she turned around to join Modi and Magni.

        Ever since that battle, Swegde of the Vanir and Modi and Magni of the Aesir signed a union contract. The Vanir and the Aesir would unite again to revive the North.