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         “Come! Rock with wisdom! The rites are ready. Become the strongest weapon!”

        Behind the Withered Savant, the melog lifted the golem, vanishing into the forest with the Savant. Since he had successfully developed the sentient Withered Melog, he had begun researching into Combatants. He realized that the golem was an essential ingredient; hence, he sought the golem he had initially contaminated.

        In his workshop, the Withered Savant looked at the golem and melog standing before him. The spell he is muttering is drawing radiant green light from the magic circle below them, which is enveloping them. The Withered Savant stared into the green light, the craziness in his eyes obvious. He is waiting —

        “You really want to combine with me?”

        “It is the will of the creator. I must obey.”

        “You possess his intelligence. You can replace him.”

        “With our combination, we shall possess more intelligence and power. Would we really still have to obey him?”

        “What are you thinking?”

        “Combine with me. Release yourself. Resist him!”

        The radiant green light dissipated. The golem and the melog have combined into a huge being. The extended brain and large hands formed an impression of wisdom. The Withered Savant looked excitedly at the being standing before it. He believes he had created a highly intelligent being. He could not wait, and gave orders to the being. The being acted in accordance with his orders.

        “Haha! We must give you a good name. How about the Emerald Combatant. Emerald is said to give reason and wisdom; and so, you shall be the Combatant that possess reason and wisdom!”

        “Great! Let’s test your attack power next!”

        The Withered Savant instructed Emerald Combatant to attack a mannequin. It originally performed well, demonstrating power above that of other Combatants; this remained the case until the Emerald Combatant was ordered to launch a long-distance attack. The Combatant drew in great energy into its hands, and the Savant can feel the amassing of power, inducing maddened laughter. Yet moments later, his laugh died as he watched the energy ball thunder towards him,

        He panickedly ducked. “Kaboom!” A huge hole was smashed into the wall. By the time the Savant caught his breath, the Emerald Combatant had vanished...