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        With Mastema’s intimidation and bribes, the tribes, previously invaded by Demons, had betrayed Belial and succumbed to Mastema instead, so that she could reinforce her force against Belial. One day, Belial suddenly came up with a plan: he wanted to visit a werewolf tribe recently captured by Mastema. Mastema knew her long-awaited moment had finally come… Belial fell into her trap and was easily captured by the werewolves.
        “I’ll rule the world!” Mastema raised her blade and was about to cut Belial’s head off! At this moment, a sturdy stick came out the ground all of a sudden, blocking her attack and wiping out the werewolves and followers of Mastema around!
        “Wh-What happened?” Mastema was astonished. She thought she had everything in control, but the truth was that she had been deceived by Belial.
        Belial slowly stood up and grinned. Mastema kept attacking, wanting to kill him before he could loosen the rope and fight back. To her surprise, there more sturdy sticks came out around Belial, which blocked all the attacks again and charged towards Mastema and the werewolves!
        Mastema promptly cast a few dark elemental spheres against the woodsticks to blast them off. However, no matter how hard she tried, the sticks grew endlessly from the ground...
        These attacks felt familiar to Mastema and she already knew who was behind them. A swarm of woodsticks stretched to Mastema and she began to feel tired having continuously consumed energy to fend them off. A moment of slackening, Mastema was coiled by the woodsticks, which had tied her limbs up.
        Mastema's minions had already escaped when they saw things going wrong. The werewolves, who knew Mastema had lost her advantage, simply watched with folded arms.
        Azazel brought Demon soldiers to help untie Belial. Samael stepped towards Belial and glared at Mastema, “Is it uncomfortable? Shall we make it more uncomfortable?”
        Samael clenched her right fist and the wood contracted, making Mastema scream in pain.
        Belial squatted down and said to Mastema, “I started to suspect you when you tried to cast in a bone between us. I’ve been waiting for this moment, beating you down before you succeeded...So, feels great, doesn’t it?”
        “You...Such a cunning bastard…!” Mastema was furious, but she couldn’t do anything to help.
        Mastema gathered dark elemental power in a last ditch effort; Belial grinned and concentrated energy onto his index finger. Mastema was in dread of his power and begged Belial for mercy, “P-Please, Master Belial. Don’t do this to me. I promise…I’ll never do anything against you!”
        “Only if you lost your soul.” Belial put his finger on Mastema’s forehead, then a green light penetrated her body and her eyes became filled with the dazzling green light! She started to feel empty inside. Her soul was being dragged out and her body could no longer contain it…
        “Everything I’ve done...was hoping day you would see your eyes...” But the voice of Mastema could never reach Belial again. Belial had a gruesome smile as he watched her soul being dragged, and her eyes gradually became empty. Samael put Mastema on the ground, as if a flabby puppet.
        Belial put Mastema’s soul into a container and ordered Azazel to take her away. Samael followed Belial and said while looking at the soul of Mastema:
        “Dragging out her soul...Isn’t it a bit…”
        “It’s not.” Belial spoke resolutely. “You saw what she did to me and you. We need not be merciful to her.”
        Samael did not say anything, but somehow she felt chills looking at Belial...