Enochian Tower, the way to access heaven, was built through a collaborative effort by various countries. Golems were to serve as the foundation, guarding over the construction of the tower. They were also intended as protection for the Tower, and so, many golems were built. Yet, each faction desired sole control over Gods’ power so the golems they built were only loyal to their own faction. They would drive away all others. With each golem serving their own master, people were unable to journey to heaven through the Tower. This remained unchanged until the arrival of Demons.

The Emerald Golems were the most intelligent of Enochian Tower 's guardians. They were ordered to defend the third gate of the foundational level with their wisdom. When the Demons arrived, the Emerald Golems stood before the door. One of the Demons approached, raising his hand to stop his forces’ advance.

        “They are more intelligent compared to those two kinds that came before. This is perfect for me.” The Demon charged at the Emerald Golems and slammed down with pneuma in attack, forcing the golems out of the way. Only Emerald Monk remained standing in the now emptied path. Yet, the energy in his core was now drained by the strike. That Demon simply walked over and lightly tapped on him on the head, and Emerald Monk lost consciousness.

        By the time he awoke again, Enochian Tower had already been split into two. According to his comrades’ description, at the moment of the split, powerful wood elemental power had surged out from Emerald Monk. The power enveloped the golems, and this was what had prevented them from being buried alive.

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