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        In a magnificent palace, quick footsteps echoed in the ornate hallway. A gorgeous woman Athena was walking in a fury.
        “Those bastard Zodiacs dare to defy me with their reinforcement...I won’t tolerate this sort of insults!”
        She stopped in front of an arch, where stood a tall metal statue. Athena looked at the door——which was the residence of Aether, one of the Gods.
        “I’m sure that Lady Aether can help me, as long as she accept to grant me more power——”
        “No entry.”
        As Athena opened the door, the giant statue moved suddenly and walked towards her. The statue spoke in a flat tone like a machine, and stopped Athena from going any further. Athena was scared as it could actually speak like a human, but soon she calmed down and said: “I’m Athena. I have to meet Lady Aether. Make way you piece of scrap!”
        “I’m not scrap. I’m a subordinate of Lady Aether, number 787, name Bayrou. It is Lady Aether’s order. No one can enter.”
        “You don’t make way...Fine! I’ll take you down.” The block of Bayrou had added fuel to the flames, making Athena even more irritated. She summoned her spear and gathered earth elemental power to cast an energy sphere.
        “Die!” Athena was going to spear Bayrou to death.
        Clash! The spear attack was blocked by an elemental shield conjured by Bayrou; she was unable to pushed forward. However, Athena did not give up easily; she unleashed more power into the spear, but still could not break Bayrou’s defense.
        “Attack mode, on!” The red indicator on Bayrou’s head was flashing; its limbs began to transform, covered with multiple layers of metal. In the blink of an eye, it became twice as big as the original, and swung its gigantic right arm at Athena.
        Athena turned around right away to parry it with her spear, but the strength of Bayrou was bigger than she expected. She was sent flying, crashing deep into a wall.
        “What is it...What a powerful strength…” Athena felt terrible pain all over her body. She used the spear to barely support herself.
        “I’m no match for it in terms of strength, but I still can use my elemental power!”
        Athena closed her eyes to concentrate on the battle. Using the spear as a medium, she circulated the elemental power. Vines sprouted from the ground to attack Bayrou fiercely. Although it immediately ran to dodge the attacks, but the growing speed of the vines was amazingly fast. Soon Bayrou was coiled and unable to move.
        Such attack had consumed a large amount of Athena’s Stamina. She kneeled on one knee, gasping for breath; her face revealed a triumphant smile.
        “Now you can’t move again…”
        Suddenly, some kind of gear was initiating. Bayrou’s body was glittering blue; its metal arms were covered with water element.
        “Bayrou Blast, aim, fire!” Bayrou spoke in a machine tone. Both of its arms detached from Bayrou’s body, and shot at Athena.
        “How...could it be?” Athena was in a panic. She tried hard to get up and dodge the shelling. However, she was already exhausted, and kneeled down on the ground.
        “Will I die here...Before it happens, I really want to see you...Atlantis…” Athena closed her eyes and accepted her fate——
        “Stop! Bayrou.”
        “Roger.” Bayrou answered. At the same time, the flying arms stopped right in front of Athena suddenly.
        “Phew...It was close.” Athena’s heart was still beating fast. She looked up and saw Aether.
        “Thank you, Lady Aether.”
        “You’re impulsive, Athena. Next time you won’t be that lucky.” Aether shook her head. Then she ordered: “Bayrou, help her.”
        “Roger.” Bayrou attached its arms back to the body and helped her up. The hostility of Bayrou had completely gone. Now it was unusually respectful to Athena. She glanced at its bizarre appearance and asked: “Lady Aether, what is it, exactly?”
        “It’s my new discovery. It…no, they will change the fate of the Realm.” Aether said with an odd smile.