“Okay! All ready!” Zhongli Quan laid all invitation letters on a table.
        Three days later, it would be his 1000th birthday after becoming Xian. To tie in with this important day, Zhongli Quan was planning to invite all other Xian to his residence for celebration, so he had commanded the lower elves to prepare a luxurious meal.
        The only thing left was to send out the invitation letters. He was thinking of handing them to Xian in a meeting, so he spent a whole night to write all the letters personally to show his sincerity.
        “Oh! I'll be late if I don't hurry up.” Zhongli Quan picked the pile of invitation letters up and wobbled towards a hall in the center of Heavenly Kingdom, where gathered crowds of Xian joining the monthly meeting.
        As soon as he went inside the hall, he could not wait to announce, “Please join my birthday banquet three days later!”
        “I've prepared some juicy peaches for you three days later. Please come to my house instead!”
        Suddenly, Zhongli Quan's announcement was completely interfered by a loud voice. The lively atmosphere in the hall became frozen as the Xian noticed such awkward situation.
        “Who dares to interrupt my important announcement!?” Zhongli Quan stamped his feet like a child, dropping the letters on the ground.
        “It's me,” a man responded in a provocative voice in the hall.
        Turning around, Zhongli Quan stared at the burly man standing in the center. The man, who crossed his arms over his chest, showed no fear on his face. He was Cao Guojiu. “Don't misunderstand me. I'm not against you. I just want to invite the Xian for a meal,” Cao Guojiu said as he raised an eyebrow.
        “But you pick my birthday on purpose. Aren't you going against me?”
        “I don't know it's your birthday.”
        “Now you know it! Just cancel the meal. My birthday is far more important than your rotten peaches!”
        “Humph! My peach tree bears fruit only once in a thousand years! That savory smell is much better than your birthday party, you fat idiot!” Cao Guojiu responded with a shrug. His flippant attitude had driven Zhongli Quan mad.
         “Who is the fat idiot!? Don't be cocky about your handsomeness. Personal cultivation is the most important virtue in the Heavenly Kingdom. And don't forget that I'm your senior!”
        “You’re just a 1000 year-old old man. Don’t pretend that you’re the boss here.”
        “You——” Zhongli Quan flew into a fury and pointed at Cao Guojiu.
        A Xian, who was a goddess, stood up and said in a cold voice, “I can't take it anymore. No more arguments! You two behaved like a child instead of Xian.”
        He Xian'gu gave a deep sigh and left. She was the "chairwoman" in the Xian meeting. Now that she had gone, the remaining Xian did not know what to do next.
        “Um...I can only join one party at a time,” a young boy Han Xiangzi said. “I got an idea. Let's put on a competition. The winner can invite us to join his party. Does it sound fair?”
        “Han Xiangzi, stop messing around——”
        “Great idea!” Lü Dongbin tried to stop him, but Zhongli Quan and Cao Guojiu were both eager to get into action and compete with each other.
        “Sigh...You guys will destroy the hall. Fight outside. Remember! Using godly weapons is prohibited!” Lü Dongbin had no choice but to set a rule to minimize the damage.
        “No problem. My fists are strong enough to defeat that rude man!” Zhongli Quan wore a confident smile.
        “Are you sure?” Cao Guojiu looked down on him.
        Then, both of them scrambled to get out of the hall. As soon as they went outside, Zhongli Quan immediately shook his fist at Cao Guojiu; Cao Guojiu bent over to dodge the attack and tried to throw a right hook punch in the chin of Zhongli Quan.
         “Humph! Is this all you got?” Zhongli Quan moved his upper body to avoid the punch, and captured this timing to press down on Cao Guojiu, who had noticed this coming and evaded in advance.
        “You're faster than I expected even with you fat body,” Cao Guojiu mocked at him.
        Zhongli Quan, who flushed angrily, was provoked. He pounced on Cao Guojiu in no time; Cao Guojiu had no intention to dodge it, but wrestled with him directly.
        At first, the other Xian found the fight interesting. However, the battle was too close to call, so they began to lose their impatience and left.
        Indulging in the competition, both of them did not care about the others, but simply focused on the fight. Three days had passed, and the result was a dead heat. At this moment, Lü Dongbin came up to them.
        “Are you done!? Three days have already passed. The parties are over! Stop fighting now!” Lü Dongbin tried to dissuade them from the battle.
        “No...I won't throw in the towel...” Zhongli Quan was going to throw a punch, but he was exhausted and faint.
        “Neither do I...” Cao Guojiu fell down too.
        Therefore, Lü Dongbin had no choice but to bring both of them back home.
        Using up all Xian energy, Zhongli Quan and Cao Guojiu rested for a month before recovering. Here came the Xian meeting again.
        Zhongli Quan cleaned himself up before setting out. He encountered Cao Guojiu at the entrance of the hall. Their eyes sparkled with fury immediately.
        “I became Xian earlier than you, so I'm your senior. You should give way to me.” Zhongli Quan started a quarrel.
        “Very funny! The ranking mechanism of the Heavenly Kingdom is based on one's strength. You're weaker than me, so you should give way to me.” Cao Guojiu refuted his words.
        “Huh!? Since when am I weaker than you?”
        “The previous competition. You fell first, so you're weaker than me.”
        “Impossible! You must be wrong!”
        “Let's put on a competition again!” Cao Guojiu gave a taunting gesture to Zhongli Quan. “Alright! I'm not afraid of you!” Zhongli Quan said angrily.
        The two of them started fighting with each other again…
        Since then, Zhongli Quan and Cao Guojiu would have a quarrel whenever they saw each other. They never gave in, which was the reason why they would be used by Han Xiangzi to cause chaos in future...

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