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        “Hey, I heard that Paimon, the famous singer, is coming to our town for a show!” “Really? That Paimon?!” “Yes! Ah...I’m excited just from thinking about it!” A number of soldiers discussed a beautiful singer named Paimon. Their desire for the attractive singer sapped all their will to train; only York still focused on his sit-up exercise. All the other soldiers were planning to visit the town and see if they could watch her show. York was also dragged into their trip.

        When they arrived, the town was already swarming with people. York’s companions hurriedly dashed into the crowd, trying to buy concert tickets. Left with nothing to do, York walked around on his own. Just then, a maiden bumped into him. Before he could respond, the maiden had already nervously said, “P...Please help!” York looked behind the maiden and saw a few adolescents wildly running after her. He hastily stood in front of the maiden and punched one of the adolescents, who hit a nearby wall. However, the others did not retreat and instead, surrounded York and yelled, “It’s Paimon! If we can’t get tickets to the concert, we’ll get her autograph!” “Please step back.” The adolescents were no match for York and soon collapsed with bruises all over their bodies. The maiden pitied them, so she walked up to them and wrote something on their bodies. The adolescents could not help but laugh while yelling, “We’re never washing off this autograph!”

        York bemusedly looked at the maiden as she handed him a letter: “T...Thank ok...This...for you.” With that said, the maiden left without looking back and York returned to where he had separated with his companions. All the soldiers had their heads lowered in disappointment; they must have failed to buy tickets. When they saw the letter in York’s hand, they asked, “What is that?” York opened the letter — it was surprisingly a ticket to Paimon’s concert! All the soldiers wanted to grab the ticket in York’s hand, but York successfully dodged all their “serial attacks”. As they failed to take the ticket, they asked, “Didn’t you say you weren’t interested?” “Someone gave this to me as a thank you gift.” Gazing at the ticket in his hand, York could not help but smile.

        York sat in a grand hall; everyone around him was incredibly excited, prompting York to feel nervous too. The lights suddenly dimmed. When the lights turned on again, an elegantly dressed maiden was standing on the stage. Everyone cheered: “Paimon!” Upon seeing the maiden, he recognized that she was the one whom he had helped the other day. The maiden closed her eyes and inhaled a deep breath. When she opened her eyes again, the expression and feeling she exuded completely changed — she was now sparkling with confidence.

        This maiden with speech impediment surprisingly sang a beautiful song. Her voice echoed in the hall, enchanting all who were present; even York felt unprecedentedly at ease. Listening to this enjoyable tune, York seemed as if he saw his faraway home and reminisced about his carefree life there. Longing to see his family again caused tears to stream down his face. As he wiped the tears away, a sudden headache struck him. He immediately opened his eyes, only to see a shocking scene — all the people in the hall were looking at the stage with unfocusing eyes. No matter how he called out to them, they gave no response! York wanted to run up to the stage and stop the maiden, but it was too late. His legs would not listen to his mind, his thoughts were blurred, and his consciousness faded into the darkness...

        When the song finally finished, everyone in the hall was unconscious. Paimon collected their souls and put them into a peculiar music box when her eyes returned to their previous state. With a shyful voice, she ordered her subordinates: “ V...Venerable...Belial...” The subordinates nodded as acknowledgement and was ready to depart when Paimon hurriedly added: “And...prepare...for the other town...” Paimon’s voice still lingered in the grand hall. Her sweet demonic tune incessantly rang in the realm, and she would stop at nothing until she had enough souls...