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        “I am finally here in the big city!” Belle looked upon the view before her, with an unspoken excitement in her heart.

        Belle had been born in an impoverished countryside. There, she and her family ran an inn, and lived a tranquil life. Belle was responsible for greeting travellers in the inn. Hence, she would often hear the experiences of the travellers. In the many tales shared, Belle most liked the big city they mentioned. Belle had constructed a vision in her mind from their descriptions: images ranged from the grand squares to the elaborate clothes; new and innovative things, all that she had never seen. Yet, despite her interest in the big city life, she never thought about leaving. It was as if there was no motive to go.

        Later, Belle began a romantic relationship with a traveller named Sam. Under his encouragement, Belle disregarded everything and left her place of birth to stay by his side.

        “I didn’t think you would be this excited.”

        “Did you know I have always wanted to live in a big city!”

        “That’s why I brought you here.”

        “Thank you.” Belle blissfully leaned upon him. With the silver engagement ring on her right middle finger, she never thought her life could be so joyous.

        Sam promised Belle that they would have their wedding after settling down, and she had no doubt he would keep his word. When they had come to the big city, Belle started taking on many part-time jobs in the hope that the additional sources of income would improve the live of her and her beloved. Unfortunately, life in the big city was not as simple as it was in the countryside. Belle could not help but miss her previous life.

        One night, Belle was exhaustedly dragging herself home. She was not far away when she saw Sam walking into a restaurant with a young woman. She stealthily followed them in. When the two sat, Belle did as well not far away, silently listening to their conversation...
        “When would you send that country bumpkin on her way, you jerk?”

        “She is making money for us. What’s not to like?”

        “But...I want to be with you...”

        “When she makes more money for us, I will take you away with the money.”


        In an instant, Belle sank into a nightmarish reality. The previous bliss had all been fiction. All the happy smiles in her memory started to peeve her. The expressions on the couple’s face seems to be a mockery of Belle’s naivety.