“Alma! Stay back!” Novalis yelled to the Court of Scorpio while clinging to a pillar with his tail. Broken rock fragments collided with each other; the levitating passageway was gradually collapsing. But the Court of Scorpio did not look back and instead, continued dashing forward.

        “Novalis, absorb all the power of this floor! If you don’t hurry, Giemsa won’t be able to hold on any longer! If that happens, Nibiru might fall to the realm of Humans —”

        A fragment of broken wall suddenly slammed onto the passageway, instantly splitting it. Alma steadied herself by plunging her tail through the floor, before agilely bouncing to the back of the fast-traveling stone wall. Witnessing all these, Novalis also grabbed his staff and soared out of Enochian Tower. The power of Gods and Summoners had caused a turbulence, that had upset the balance Giemsa had been endeavoring to maintain. Novalis flew in a curvy path, trying to evade the many enormous boulders hurled out by the elemental hurricane.

        ‘With your link to Faugn itself, you’re more powerful than anyone! If you can control Faugn’s power—’

        ‘I won’t risk being controlled by it!’

        It seemed as if Alma’s voice still lingered in Novalis. He could not help but recall the days he spent in the Zodiac Courts, training to control Faugn’s power. At first, he merely wanted to rid his mind from Faugn’s voice and thoughts; but instead, Alma trained him to absorb power from other sources. Every time he refused, Alma had launched relentless attacks at him, forcing him to defend himself with the power of Dracospirits. However, each time he utilized Faugn’s power, its voice grew in his mind until the power of Dracospirits fully occupied him. His consciousness would erode as if it descended to the level of fierce beasts; he had to devote his every effort to pull himself from the insanity.

        ‘With what is happening now, do you still think you have a choice?’

        The collision between pieces of rock never ceased. The flying Novalis channeled Faugn’s power, dragging the ample elemental power around into his body. Elements swirled into him like water would a whirlpool. The power even ebbed the the fragments’ collisive force, floating toward Novalis. The dragon scales on his body radiated, while Novalis could sense the power surging within him. The chance for him to ask Alma her reason for bringing him here still had not arrived; but with the power he had now, he could easily shatter any boulder that remained in his way to locate the missing Alma.

        ‘Why are you doing this?’ A voice rang in Novalis’ mind. “It happens that the annoying scorpion is gone. We can finally —”

        “No, I’m not listening to you!” Novalis roared as he endeavored to retain control. “Even if I borrow your power, it doesn’t mean that I’m your servant!”

        ‘Novalis! You know what you are meant to do! Absorb the power of all, and then annihilate everything in the realm!’

        A mere instant after Novalis stopped absorbing the power around him had already began the rocks rampage again. A few boulders were swung out from the turbulence, and plummeted onto a forest in the realm, destroying all the impact touched. Left with no other option, Novalis was forced to continue absorbing the unsettled elements even at the risk of losing control. If not, the Tower would likely disintegrate in its entirety.

        “Spokesman of Faugn, I will not let you interfere.” A gigantic spear whooshed through the air. Novalis reached out to parry the projectile with his dragonized right hand; yet, the immense elemental power between the two exploded before impact, halting them from proceeding further. Novalis’ worry grew, as he could feel that the attacker’s elemental blast was mixed with otherworldly power.

        “Won’t it be better for us if the Gods and Humans fight each other?” The warrior in front of Novalis wore a peculiar set of armor. The white wings on his back contrasted with the grey and purple on the left half of his armor, but the silver white armor on his right side reflected the bright sunlight. He said, “We can create rebirth from destruction. I thought Faugn shared my objective...”

        “I never work with otherworldly creatures!”

        “Stupid actually had to bequeath power onto a feeble Human...”

        “Enough!” Faugn’s voice overlapped with Novalis’. Draconic power erupted from the Spiritor. He had already been struggling to retain his consciousness, but now, fury had completely severed his link to rational thought...

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