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        On the lush hillside, a giant Anu, twice as tall as ordinary humans, stood close to an edge of the cliff, gazing at a small tribe nearby. Wooden houses were built neatly, which raised on piles over the surface of the soil as a protection against flooding. This was one of the knowledge that Anu taught villagers to blossom human civilization.

        “My disciples, there is something I must do. I can’t be here with you to witness the time of human prosperity, but you shall have my blessings from afar.” Anu said as he wore a kind smile and stroked his beard.

        When Anu was about to leave, he saw a flash of golden light sweep into the tribe with great speed. Then, he stopped to look at it.

        “It is a dragon and an unknown power...I have an ominous feeling about this. This shall not happen!” Anu crouched down to gather elemental power; dazzling light was turned into a pair of gleaming wings to carry him to the mid-air.

        Anu took a shortcut, bypassing the mountains to catch up with the dragon. In a blink of an eye, the dragon was in close range with Anu. Instead of slowing down, he sped up to collide with the dragon. By the time when the dragon realized Anu’s approaching, the dragon was too late to dodge his attack and it had to conjure an elemental shield.

        Bang! Both of them crashed into each other. The shockwave of which blew the clouds nearby away. Anu retreated to few feets away with the dragon in the mid air.

        “Who are you? Why did you attack me!” Fafnir the dragon roared while giving him a glare. Anu remained calm to question without any signs of fear. “Tell me. What are you going to do in the tribe?”

        “The villagers deserve to die. They cut all the woods in the forest for building houses, destroying the world built by primordial dragons. I will never forgive them!”

        “This is a fundamental cycle of the world. You shall not interfere for your selfish desire.”

        “If you insist on stopping me, then you’re my enemy!” Fafnir refused to listen Anu’s words. Elemental power sphere conjured in its mouth and Fafnir cast it over him. Anu made a quick dodge; the sphere hit the mountain and created a violent explosion. Impervious to fear, he concentrated on creating a light arrow to strike back.

        “Humph, you filthy outsiders. Don’t even think about defeating me with your little trick!” Fafnir blocked the attack with its body without leaving any scars.

        “Hahaha! You’re powerful than I imagined. If it can be put into good use, the world will definitely become a better place.” Anu didn’t bend even when he was at a disadvantage.

        “You…! Don’t give me that arrogant look! Die!” Provoked by his attitude, Fafnir circulated elemental power to create countless spheres. However, Anu dodged them all one by one with his wing boots agilely in the sky.

        “Darn it! Don’t underestimate me!” Fafnir felt annoyed for all the missing attacks, so it conjured more energy spheres again. With nowhere to hide, Anu had to block them with an elemental shield. But the shield cracked in the middle of the attack Anu took the hits, injured and hardly managed to keep his balance in the sky.

        “You fool, time to die.” Opening its mouth, Fafnir was planning to give him the last strike. However, Anu raised his head with a smile suddenly. “I like knowledge, for it can turn the tables in a battle,” he said gently.

        A deafening noise came from below following with a violent earthquake. Fafnir looked down and saw it was right above a volcanic crater. The previous attacks had been absorbed into the volcano, activating its activity.

        “This is all your——Ahhhh!” Fafnir let out a scream of pain as it was hit directly by lava and burning. Enduring the pain of burns, it spread the wings to get out of the eruption area. But the injuries were too bad and Fafnir fell down right away.

        All of a sudden, a shadow swept in from the mountain and took Fafnir away. Anu didn’t follow. He was also severely injured despite his triumph to the battle.

        “My disciples still have to overcome many difficulties ahead…”