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        “Well, I can finally go to have some fun at ease.”

        After entrusting Persephone with the responsibility of the Court of Virgo, Eostre felt a sense of relief and started to journey around the world with a carefree mood.

        “It seems very interesting,” said Eostre to a traveller, her new acquaintance.

        “Interesting? I am talking about a serious issue! As long as I can find the ancient power, I can use it to help my tribespeople, and... fulfill her last wish...” Her voice was getting smaller and smaller. Obviously, the topic recalled her bitter memories.

        “I am sorry. Have I just stirred up your sorrows? I just want to say, seeking the ancient power is an opportunity for a person to travel around and enrich the experience by seeing different kinds of scenery and meeting different kinds of people. It should be interesting.”

        “You never travelled before?”

        “...Well... because... I was bounded by work. Haha.” Although Eostre gave an evasive answer, the traveller was not that inquisitive to ask further. They gradually became friends after travelling together for a period of time. Eostre made her identity clear to the traveller until the traveller had found the golden apple of the Divine Tree, as the golden apple was too powerful that there must be someone to teach the traveller about how to use it. But, that was another story...

        Maybe because of being the Court of Virgo in the past, or maybe because of worrying about the situation of her good friend, Eostre felt uneasy to continue her journey when the Demons were roaming around. Therefore, she accepted the invitation from the Gods to stay in the Holylight City and give blessings of life to those who were loyal to the holy light,
so she could have an eye on the movements of Demons and the whereabouts of her good friend.

        Spring was the only time when Eostre could take a rest. As the light of life glowed around her, Eostre always brought vitality to the animals and plants around. Thus, people deified her as the Goddess of Spring...