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        Khaos, the lord of all Gods, thought that they could rule the realm of Humans, until another species from its old home arrived at the realm of Humans and began threatening the Gods’ absolute authority. These creatures who could undermine Gods’ prestige were known as “Demons”. Both Gods and Demons coveted after the realm, and they fought against each other to dominate it. Khaos sent waves of soldiers to defeat them but to no avail, because the Demons’ ability was able to rival the Gods’ power.

        “Demons...” Sitting in the middle of the hall, Khaos discussed the situation about Demons with Aether and the other Gods. Without noticing, he clenched his fists, and godly power built up in his body. Although he did not look different, his rage began to shake the entire temple.

        All present dared not speak; they knew Khaos was angry. Just then, a voice rang from behind the Gods: “Humph! If we go for an all-out war with the Demons, our power will surely win over theirs!” The Gods turned to look at the speaker. They were all shocked, because none of them had thought that Erebus, who was forbidden to join the discussion, had entered the hall. Knowing Khaos’ personality, Aether wanted to stop Erebus from continuing his speech, but was surprised when Khaos asked in return:

        “So this is your plan? What about the mystical beings in the realm?”

        Erebus answered without taking any time to think, “We’re only trying to defeat the Demons. Other lives mean nothing to us!” Upon hearing this, Khaos’ clenched his fists again; Aether realized that Erebus’ words had already enraged Khaos. Before she could tell Erebus to leave, Khaos had conjured his godly power and shot Erebus out of his hall.

        While Erebus was trying to recover from the sudden attack, the hall’s front doors had already closed, separating him from the meeting. None of the Gods inside dared put in a good word for Erebus. Even Aether could only sigh; Erebus always had one perspective — only the aim matters, not the means. This was also why Khaos forbade him from joining the meeting in the first place. Khaos merely assigned documental missions to him, not expecting that Erebus’ personality never changed during the process.

        Standing outside the hall, Erebus grew increasingly resentful. The exasperation-filled Erebus decided to stealthily enter the realm, and locate the Demons in it.

        Erebus flew across the realm, and suddenly saw a swarm of flies traveling in a certain direction. He vaguely remembered a soldier once reporting that there was a Demon who could control insects, so he hurriedly followed the flies, hoping to use them as a way to track his enemies.

        After passing through a forest, Erebus arrived at a village. All the villagers were forced to gather at the central square, fear palpable on their faces. There were only two individuals keeping an eye on the villagers — one male and one female who were both dressed in peculiar clothing. The flow of their elemental power started to change: the boy could vaporize the water in the air around him, while the girl could gather flies as if they obeyed her commands. Erebus could tell in one glimpse that those two were not Humans...

        Therefore, Erebus channeled his godly power and darted himself at them. He concentrated his power on his hands, and before the two noticed his presence, he landed his powerful strike on their backs. The two were blown away and crashed into one of the buildings, prompting a cloud of dust. The villagers thought they were saved and hence, approached Erebus and gratefully kneeled, thinking that he was a savior sent by the Gods. However, Erebus merely deemed them a trouble. If they had not wanted to protect Humans, his father would not have occupied himself so much with the Demons. He then shot dark elemental power in all directions, rendering the villagers either harmed or dead. “Stay out of my way!” Erebus bellowed. Even though the dust hindered his vision, he could sense that the boy and the girl were still alive...