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        Since the Primordial Dragons’ departure, Ancient Gods had lived a leisurely life with an abundance of natural resources in the realm of Humans. Anu, one of the Ancient Gods, had been responsible for recording the Ancient Gods’ adventures in the different worlds, hopefully providing a reference from which their less-experienced brethren can learn. In the realm, Anu himself traveled around and marked down everything he saw and heard.

        One day when Anu was passing by a bay, he met a drowning Human boy. Seeing that a huge wave was about to come and sweep the boy away, Anu flicked his wrist, causing the wave to safely send the boy back onto land instead. Anu’s body was much bigger compared to an average Human. Thinking that he might frighten the boy, he hurriedly turned to leave. However, to his surprise, the boy was not afraid; he was even intrigued by Anu’s power.

        “I want to be as powerful as you! You have enormous power...please share some of it with me!” The boy, Gilgamesh, held Anu’s leg and begged.

        “If you truly want to be powerful, you need to obtain it through your own cultivation. I cannot just share my power with you; it will ruin your development.” Anu shook his head in dismay before replying.

        “Then please teach me how to be powerful like you!” Gilgamesh did not show any signs of backing down.

        Wanting to leave, Anu taught him a few simple techniques of utilizing power to satisfy Gilgamesh’s curiosity, but the boy was full of surprises — with his extraordinary ability to grasp knowledge, he immediately mastered how to channel his own power. Anu’s interest in Humans was triggered by Gilgamesh. In their conversations, Anu discovered that Humans were actually an intelligent species capable of understanding anything, but there was no one of higher intelligence to help them advance.

        After this incident, Anu started considering teaching Humans. Books were a medium suitable for any information; even without a person to teach them, Humans could learn from books. Therefore, Anu attempted to compile a book. However, when he tried to write, he could not think of where to start, because there was simply too much to tell.

        In the end, Anu chose knowledge that was closer to Humans’ everyday life instead of topics like the origin of life — methods such as how to gather food, prevent disasters, and cure diseases. Anu carefully categorized them before actually starting to write. To allow Humans to grasp the knowledge in the book more easily, Anu wrote with as much detail as possible, and may have wrote it a little too detailed. In the farming section, Anu wrote about grains like maize, rice and wheat, how they grow differently in different seasons, and the fact that some grains can yield more than one harvest a year if planted on a relatively cool and dry highland, while others yield once a year. This was only a portion of Anu’s knowledge; he had yet to start on the protection of crops from pests and cold weather.

        Anu was perplexed. How long would it take to record everything in the book? Humans may become extinct from natural disasters while he was endeavoring to write the book. Just then, he recalled the memories of teaching Gilgamesh. It was not that complex. Compared to writing a book, directly speaking with the boy was far simpler and faster.

        After a lot of consideration, Anu eventually decided to directly visit Humans, and personally offer his knowledge to them. Anu arrived at a Human village. Though the villagers were scared by his gigantic body, it did not bother him, and from that village, he acquired his first disciple.