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        “Mommy, why isn’t the emperor wearing clothes?” The high-pitched voice of a child rung out from the audience of the new-clothes parade.

        “Ignorant person, the clothes are made of fabric only visible to the wise. You fool cannot see it does not mean that you can say the emperor is not wearing clothes!” Prince William said with a foul undertone. He even ordered Louis’ royal guards. “Men, seize the child.” The prince wanted to use him as an example to warn the others and put the blame on Louis. However...

        “Men, seize Prince William!” Everyone was astounded and the guards froze at the order. They, along with the prince, speechlessly turned to look at the emperor.

        “I said, seize Prince William! Didn’t you hear me?” Louis ordered again with a resounding voice. Upon affirming it was actually the emperor’s command, the guards suppressed their astoundment and brought the prince before the emperor.

        “Your Majesty, is this a joke?” Prince William forced his spurious smile again as he deemed that Louis was being childish. However, Louis kept a straight face and condemned him seriously. “How bold of you. Since my father’s rule, you have been embezzling taxation through the chamber of commerce. You even drove my father to his death so as to install me as your puppet emperor...And you are not content. You conspired to kill me and my brother in order to ascend the throne yourself! You are committing the most heinous and flagitious crime!”

        “That is a serious accusation. With all due respect, but do you have any evidence?” Prince William remained calm.

        Louis signaled to bring the witnesses. However, they all claimed they were the culprits and Prince William had nothing to do with it. The prince’s undisturbed expression was now understandable. He must have realized Louis’ intention and had silenced the witnesses.

        “Hmph. Your Majesty, if you do not have evidence, you cannot raise empty accusations!” Prince William said pretentiously.

        “Evidence? You mean these?” Louis took from his cape a lot of letter and an account book. Inside them was every scheme the prince had plotted. Prince William’s face darkened. Louis kept the prince busy for days in the name of the parade. It was to give himself a chance to have someone steal the account book.

        “This parade, it is not to show my clothes, but to show to the world your wrongdoings!”

        “Claiming ‘this design is beautiful’ about the non-existent clothes? It was all a ruse.”

        “No. I really think it is beautiful.”


        “Taking off the empty wrapping; peeling back the sweet coating. What is left is a true heart, with true words. This clothing is the perfect manifestation of this truth!” Louis stood with his head high and chest out, saying to his people, “This is my promise — I shall govern this empire with a true heart. My vow shall never falter.”