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        Led by Mufasa, Spiritual Civilization had gradually revived. Shu, Tefnut and Ra observed them from the sky once in a while and provided timely aid; Seth still stayed in the old shine to carry out his mission as a guardian of the Ancestral Elements. One day, Seth rested near the elements, which showed him an alternative life during his dream...
        With the power of the Ancestral Elements, animals had evolved into half-animal, half-human beasts. Ra guided them to establish their own tribe, a utopia not affected by anything happened outside the woods. Closely observing the behaviour of the spiritual beasts, Seth wanted to know if they could really show the true power given by the Ancestral Elements. At this moment, a flash of green light was approaching, who was one of the guardians of the Ancestral Elements——Shu.
        “Didn't you say you're not interested in the so called "Utopia"? Why are you here then?”
        “Humph! I just want to see if they can bring the power of the Ancestral Elements into full play.”
        “Okay, okay, I got it. You just care about the elements, not the animals.” Shu flew away with a smile before Seth responded. Then, he continued observing the spiritual beasts.
        There was a shark warrior teaching the kids to wave their swords, but they barely knew any combating techniques, so they were just playing around. “Are these animals really spiritualized by the Ancestral Elements? They look weak...” Seth heaved a deep sigh.
        After learning more and more knowledge, the spiritual beasts began to have an insatiable desire for power. Eventually, the tribes waged wars on each other for their own benefit. Whenever a war happened, Seth was always there, not for protecting the beasts nor stopping the war. He simply wanted to know whether they could unleash the power of the Ancestral Elements inside their bodies at such critical moment.
        During the endless wars, Seth still could not see what he expected to be seen——the spiritual beasts failed to demonstrate their true power.
        One day, he returned to the shrine. Suddenly, there was an explosion outside. To his surprise, the spiritual beasts were having a fierce fight with the Demons.
        “Darn it! Those filthy bastards are definitely coming for the Ancestral Elements! Let me see if the beasts can really protect their family and the shrine…” Seth held the Ancestral Elements in the arms and headed towards the battlefield. In the face of the powerful Demons, the spiritual beasts were no match for them.
        “It is time to awake the power within! Come on, show me how you will use the power of the Ancestral Elements,” Seth thought.
        Nevertheless, things did not go as expected. They were down one by one; the Demons were marching on the shrine!
        Seth could have helped the spiritual beasts to defeat the Demons, but he was totally disappointed at their performance. They did not deserve his help if they were unable to use the true power.
        At this moment, the Demons had already arrived.
        “Give me the Ancestral Elements, or I’ll kill these cubs,” a demon leader said with a grin. With a wave of his hand, the Demon army immediately charged at Seth.
        As a Deity of Warfare, Seth did not even care about the Demons. However, he was outnumbered. Even though they were down, there were more and more coming after him. Looking around, he found the spiritual beasts either dead or huddling under the bushes——
        “Useless!” Seth continued while raising the Ancestral Elements, “Let me show you its true power!”
        Seth opened his mouth and swallowed the elements! A dazzling, crimson light shone through his body; the entire sky was promptly covered by the light, as if it was burning.
        He could feel a massive energy flowing into his body, but could not take it because of the unbearable pain. Seth gave a roar; his body began to change as a result of the Ancestral Elements.
        As the light faded, he bowed his head and kept still. The demon leader commanded a dozen of soldiers to attack Seth! Then, a flash of red light struck the ground with thunderous noises. In the blink of an eye, most of the Demons were burnt to ashes—— “Mon-monster! Retreat!” The Demons fled.
        Seth conjured a fire elemental sphere and cast it over the sky; the sphere split up in the air, fell down, killing everyone on the ground, including those escaping Demons and those hiding spiritual beasts. The entire Spiritual Civilization went up in flames.
        Ra, Shu and Tefnut were stunned by what they saw when they returned. Looking at Seth who went berserk, they dared not approach…
        “The Ancestral Elements are omnipotent. It can create everything; and it can destroy everything…”