On a mountain, Honor peered at the radiant city before him. Though he was well-traveled, Honor had never seen such glamorous light emanate from any city. Its light was different from that of Holylight City. Although Holylight City bathed in delicate radiance, this city before him was so illuminated it appeared as if it was alight in golden fire. The Sword of Dracospirits surprisingly grew hot all of a sudden, prompting Honor to take it off his back.

        “Ceraphis...So this is where Tulzscha resides.”

        Alone, Honor dealt out chivalric justice as he travelled across the realm, searching for Agatha. However, under the influence of Dracospirits, Honor unintentionally headed towards where Tulzscha lay asleep. And now he had arrived at the city of fantasies — Ceraphis. He proceeded towards the city’s entrance, but was met by a row of priests. Honor hurriedly covered the sword with his cape before the priests’ leader approached. The age of the old man who approached the Dragon Spiritor was palpable from his grey-white face.

        “Dragon Spiritor, I am sorry, but this is not the best time to visit. The master of holy flame is meeting with a Court of Zodiac. The result of this meeting will change the realm’s —”

        “Step aside!” Inside the cape, the Sword of Dracospirit shook vigorously. Honor’s eyes focused solely upon the blazing holy flame.

        Suddenly, a deafening roar of a dragon reverberated throughout the plain, prompting the priests to turn in fear. The blazing holy flame had gathered to form a dragon, which now bellowed to the skies. The priests kneeled in prayer, while Honor slowly walked past them and approached the gigantic dragon. At that moment, the desire for the holy flame had taken control of Honor; he was like a moth heading towards fire, wanting nothing more than the holy flame’s embrace. The blazing dragon opened its jaw, attempting to devour Honor, but the five glowing swords pierced his cape, and darted at the dragon to protect him. However, Honor, now controlled by the desire for the holy flame, swung the Sword of Dracospirits to eliminate his own glowing swords. But just before impact, a small sword parried his self-destructive attack.

        “Dragon Spiritor! Wake up!” The Court of Libra channeled her power to force Honor back. “Do not let the holy flame overpower your will!”

        Having lost control of himself, Honor simply deemed the Court of Libra an obstacle, and fought her in front of Tulzscha’s manifested double; since she was merely hoping to awake Honor, instead of actually wishing him harm, the Court of Libra was left at a disadvantage. At the same time, the five glowing swords still hindered the dragon’s movements. However, the creature’s enormous size and power prompted cracking sounds from the needle-like swords, as if they were the swords’ pained cries.

        ‘Puny Dracospirit...’ The Ethereal Dragon’s words did not reach Honor. He had swung down his sword forcibly, breaking the Court of Zodiac’s weapon. One of the glowing swords also crushed under the holy flame.

        ‘Honor! Do you wish to sadden Agatha?’

        His intention had been to kill the obstacle before him; yet, the Court of Libra words halted him, giving her a chance to cut open his chest with the broken blade. At that very moment, the four remaining glowing swords all slammed through the laceration into Honor’s body, bringing him down to his knees. Pain, and numerous voices, cascaded into Honor’s heart. The call from the previous Dragon Spiritors had finally woke Honor’s true self.

        ‘Puny Dracospirit, show me your radiance!’ Honor could finally hear Tulzscha now. His consciousness regained, he raised the Sword of Dracospirits to absorb the power of his fragmented glowing sword. With his elemental power restored, he re-summoned all five glowing swords to fight the dragon of holy flame.

        “Darned annoying Primordial Dragon!” Honor ignored his wounds, and charged the dragon with his glowing swords, when the dragon also leapt at him. The sword and the claw impacted. A mere second later left all of Honor’s swords shattered.

        ‘Puny light. To shine, light must radiate in all directions...’ The dragon of holy flame approached the collapsed Honor. The Court of Libra, wanting to interfere, was halted by the priests. However, to her surprise, the gigantic dragon merely lowered its head, but did not open its jaws. Suddenly, the holy flame comprising the dragon poured into Honor’s body, forming a golden crystal on his chest.

        ‘Now go and illuminate your realm!’

        “The land shall be purified by the eternal light.” The priests sang praises of Tulzscha, while the Court of Libra held up Honor. Although the sleeping teenager seemed tranquil, the Court of Libra could sense Tulzscha’s power running amok within his body. The previous Dragon Spiritors’ souls were endeavoring to assimilate the light bestowed by the Primordial Dragon.

        “ this is your answer?”

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