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        When a soul in the outfit of onmyōji walked out from the underworld, an enormous paw tapped the ground next to him hard. The sound and the power of the strike made the surroundings trembled. The onmyōji could sense a blazing essence behind him. He knew that there was an enormous monster standing behind him, but he was not scared at all. He turned to the guard of the underworld behind him calmly, and waiting silently for it to talk.

        ‘No souls shall ever leave the underworld! The underworld is where you shall return to!’

        The onmyōji did not speak. He just looked into the eyes of the guard quietly. All his story, his thoughts, and everything of him were sent to the guard through the glimpse - there was a reason he must return to the realm of men.

        ‘Though you have a reason, I can’t let you go!’

        As it finished its words, the guard leapt to the front of the onmyōji, standing between him and the light.

        ‘Go back! You are a reasonable man. Don’t put me in a difficult situation.’

        However, the onmyōji did not show any intentions of retreating. He marched forward. His determination to protect his loved ones has helped him win over his own fear and overcome all difficulties. Even though it meant he had to fight against the guard of the underworld, he was determined to go to the realm of men.

        “You made the choice! Then don’t blame me!”

        The guard shot many fireballs at him, but the onmyōji remained calm. He sedately drew a magic circle in the air and summoned white foxes to fight by his side. The walls were cracked, and the gate of the underworld was destroyed, but the two were in a stalemate. Under the cover of the white foxes, the onmyōji began drawing a pentagram and focused his pneuma on it. Sensing the change of the energy within his body, the guard also condensed the pneuma of fire into a sphere to counter the onmyōji’s blow. A voice from the underworld stopped them...

        “Let him go, Cerberus!”


        “This is an order.”

        The guard had no choice but to move away slowly, witnessing the departure of the onmyōji. The ruler of the underworld came to the side of the guard...

        ‘My lord, I don’t understand why you would let him go.’

        “Well, you are no match for him.”

        ‘So this is the only reason, isn’t it?’

        The ruler of the underworld chuckled and he did not speak. He turned and walked back to the underworld, leaving the confused guard alone, gazing at the gradually fading figure of the