On the street, a woman pushed Eve down to a mud pud. The carriage driver pulled the break in time, stopping the horse from running over Eve.

        Eve was still stunning even with her body covered in mud. She casually flipped her hair, spreading a graceful charisma.

        “YOU SEDUCED MY HUSBAND!” The woman cried hysterically.

        “It was him who came to me everyday. I never approached him,” said Eve calmly.

        “You’re...lying! My husband would never do that to me!”

        Yet every single word of Eve was true. The woman’s husband dropped his tears when he first met Eve. He was shattered by her grace, the very existence of such exquisite woman, as if the days he had lived before this encounter were totally meaningless. Later when Eve was leaving him, the man broken down and cried again, dragging her leg like an abandoned puppy. When the woman knew about her cheating husband, she came here to settle the score.

        “What’s wrong,” asked an old wealthy man inside the carriage. Peeking outside, he found the woman trying to beat Eve up with a broomstick.

        “Stop!” The wealthy man yelled to interfere. He hopped off the carriage and stood between the woman and Eve.

        “Mr. Derry, thank god that you’re here. I need a righteous man like you to make justice prevail! She stole my husband!” The woman seeked help from the old wealthy man.

        “You can bring your husband here to confront me, if it helps,” said Eve sincerely.

        The woman went speechless when Eve offered a proposal, for she knew that justice wasn’t on her side. Her husband had become a walking dead ever since Eve left him. Glancing around the scene, all the men were captivated by the breathtaking Eve; The woman couldn’t help but ask herself: Could she resist Eve’s charisma if she were a man? Even the woman herself couldn’t be sure of that.

        No one would have guessed the reason why the woman gave up and walked away. Meanwhile, Derry lent a handkerchief and a helping hand to Eve covered in dirt, “if you need a place to tidy up yourself, you can come to my villa.”

        “I don’t need it, but I’ve never been to a villa before. I wanna see one,” said Eve, looking Derry in the eyes with a smile.

        That was when Derry got a clear image of Eve, and he could never take his eyes off her. Eve was like an artwork handcrafted by the god. Every facial profile of her was meticulously measured and delicately sculptured.

        But it wasn’t just the physical beauty that blew the mind of such demanding collectors like Derry. Eve was refined and graceful in terms of her mind, her consciousness and even her soul.

        Her gaze was unconstraintablely free; Her prominent nose bridge defined perfection; Her plump lips concealed all lusts of the universe. Every body part of Eve was speaking the language of aestheticism.

        At this instant, all Derry knew was exclamation, for Eve was beyond praise with human language.

        Arriving at the his house, Eve walked into a spacious living room decorated with numerous valuable art pieces. There were all sorts of collections on display.

        Eve danced around enthusiastically like an excited kid, appreciating the exhibitions with a sparkling gaze.

        “Everything here is beautiful. Look!” Eve casually grabbed the sapphire necklace placed at the center of the room, and put it on herself.

        The sapphire necklace was a rare piece that Derry spent so much money and effort in getting it. If it was for Derry’s servants, he would’ve scolded them away before they could even get close. Yet the necklace became worthless when it came to Eve. Derry would do anything, and everything just to make her happy.

        Derry then took Eve to the bathroom upstairs before she caught a cold. When the closed door separated Eve from him, an unspoken fear erupted within Derry.

        “Will she escape when I’m...No, I finally found her...This can’t happen!”

        Derry the decent man just made the most indecent decision in his life——breaking into a young lady’s room.

        “Oh, there you are,” said the naked Eve, who didn’t get herself dressed after bathing. Standing at the terrace, she smiled at Derry delightfully and said, “the sunset view here is stunning. There’s nothing in the world that could be more important than appreciating the scenery at the moment.”

        Neither did Eve blame Derry for his misbehavior, nor she felt ashamed of being caught naked. All her attention was put at the golden sky afar; The droplets on her half-dried body reflected the amber sunlight, adding glamour to her curvaceous figure.

        The totally beguiled Derry came to the terrace and joined Eve, as if he was bewitched. Miraculously, an ordinary sunset became one of a kind.

        Maybe everything would transcend with the presence of Eve.

        “I like this place. There are so many beautiful things that I’ve never seen before,” praised Eve, who tiptoed spinning round and round. Her moves were way clumsier than those dances Derry had spent a fortune for, yet Derry couldn’t take his eyes off her even just for a split second.

        “Please stay. I beg you. I’ll search the most intriguing thing in this world just for you.”

        Closing his eyes, Derry had never been this sober; Every fortune and treasure he had ever chased after was diminishing.

        “You, the original sin,” Derry mumbled in trance. He knew it crystal-clear: the gorgeous standing before him was the most priceless work of art he had been chasing for.

        When Eve heard Derry, she smiled——pure yet mesmeric.

        This was Eve——breathtaking, mesmerizing, and corrupting men to fall for her.

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