Cooper’s song released Piasa from his seal. Trapped in Wonderland, all Piasa wanted to do was to return to Cooper. He urged Alice, the creator of Wonderland, to open a passage for him to leave. However, as he left Wonderland, Piasa felt a different flame burning inside him. It was unlike the normal burning sensation inside his gem. This flame gave him a sense of pain. It never occurred to Piasa that as a fire dragon, he could receive damage from flames. With no other options but to return to Alice, he asked her the reason behind the different flame —

        “Looks like my mother casted a spell on us with my ancestral blood, so that you can’t leave my side.” Alice examined Piasa’s power and compared it to her own. She discovered that it contained the same power as hers that had been passed down for many generations in her family.

        ‘I cannot stay here, and I cannot stay beside you. I never agreed to that woman’s request.’ Piasa began to lose his patience.

        “I understand, and I don’t intend to keep you here. However, even I don’t know how to lift the spell because I’m also ‘protected’ by this lineage. I can’t nullify the power by myself.” Alice shook her head and continued, “Within your body lies immense and completely different power from ours. Maybe that will help you?”

        Piasa knew that Alice was talking about the Elder Gods’ power within his gem, but what can he do with it?

        Piasa wandered around the forests inside Wonderland and contemplated a method to lift the blood spell. Many times he tried to channel his power and burn the spell with blazing flame, but what caught on fire every time were only the trees. After restoring the forests multiple times, Alice decided to simply send a team of pawns to extinguish the fire and to control it from spreading.

        No matter what Piasa tried to do, the spell did not show any signs of nullification, driving him in despair. However, it also reminded him of Cooper — there was once when Piasa lost control of his emotions and his fiery power, but Cooper had always stayed beside him while searching for a solution and did not give up on him. Eventually, with his companions’ help, Piasa learned that his fire power was actually linked to his heart. As long as he wanted, the scorching blaze could always turn into a pleasant hurtless bonfire.

        ‘Oh, right! Cooper would never give up!’ Memories about Cooper reignited Piasa’s confidence: ‘Cooper...if she were here, what would she have done?’

        Piasa’s emotions triggered the Elder Gods’ power. His power began to compete with the blood spell. From being suppressed to rivaling, he then finally became victorious. The flames Piasa released flared as if listening to his heart’s order; the more he wanted to see Cooper, the more vigorous the Elder Gods’ power boiled!

        The Elder Gods’ power emerged with Piasa, and fire leaped out from Piasa, but the flames did not burn the grass or trees. He could feel the blood spell burn to ashes, and his body was strengthened by the Elder Gods’ power. His flames formed enormous wings that took him to the sky, and forever out of Wonderland...

        ‘Cooper, I’ll be there soon. Wait for me!’

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