“Let’s settle here.” After examining the landscape, Belial marked an area for Demons to live. “Seems like there are still some werelizards living nearby, send Abadon and her sister to take care of them.”

        This place became the dominion of the Demon Pioneers. To further stabilize and expand the Demons’ base, Belial often ordered the Demons to wipe out the natives to obtain more land and resources. Through this, many of the natives also joined his army; although these new members were not Humans, they also helped expand the Demons’ influence. Not long after, they had created the ideal dominion for Belial.

        One day, Belial received a report about an object containing immense power discovered in a new land; what came along with the report was a piece of scale. Belial picked it up to examine the scale. Upon contact, a powerful force streamed into him!

        “How can such enormous power be stored in this mere piece of scale?” Belial fidgeted with the scale, “If I transform it into a living being, it should be able to further expand my army!”

        Belial took the scale to a place near to their military base, and channeled some of his pneuma into it, conjuring a new form for the scale. The scale began to copy itself, and finally put together a dragon-shaped creature. Belial was satisfied to see his product with the sharp claws and fangs on its body.

        “Huh, not bad. From now on, you shall be known as the Evil Dragon of Ancient Scale, and you shall work for me!” In order to examine the power of the evil dragon, Belial commanded it to launch an attack to the sky.

        The evil dragon attacked with its full force; yet, not in the direction Belial had commanded. Instead, it attacked the Demons’ military base! It was too late when Belial came to realize it. The evil dragon’s power was as deadly as Belial had imagined, but it did not demonstrate any sign of obedience; ignoring Belial’s command, the evil dragon was rampaging inside the military base!

        Being attacked unexpectedly, Demons in the military base thought they were faced with enemy assault. Therefore, they all rushed out with their weapons in defence, where they found a fierce dragon casting myriad magic, attempting to wreck the military base. To protect their base from the dragon, the Demons raised their weapons and joined the battle. Yet, their effort was to no avail; all the soldiers were killed by the dragon, gratuitously increasing the number of injuries in the military base!

        The evil dragon avoided the hostile attacks from the soldiers, but was unaware of its surroundings; every move of the dragon demonstrated its sole intention to destroy. Huge holes were broken on the walls of the military base. Many of the Demon soldiers were unable to dodge the fierce attacks; the number of injuries continued to increase.

        Belial did not conjure his power to suppress the evil dragon until the military base was full of corpses. Though seeing his companions killed, he showed no signs of grief, “What marvelous power you possess!”

        Despite the evil dragon’s struggle with full strength, it was unable to escape Belial’s powerful confinement. Belial enhanced his power, and paralyzed the evil dragon, “Hm! Seems like I will have to teach you what obedience is.”

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