Saruman never surrendered. Though powerful, Saruman was always oppressed, giving him no room to utilize his power. To prove himself, Saruman later sought power blindly, and ended up losing himself in the relentless pursuit.

        Far before the outbreak of the war between Gods and Demons, countless mutated evil beasts had already resided in the Cove, where only the insane and the exiled would willingly pay a visit. Yet, there were always a few individuals who could manage to adapt themselves to the evil pneuma in the Cove, and settled down at the top layers of the Cove. Night Elves and Abyss Gnomes were two dominant species. Sometimes they cooperated; sometimes they struggled against each other. But neither side could ever become the ruler of the Cove.

        Saruman was an outstanding gnome, who received the title “Slasher” at a young age. He should have become the leader of the army, yet those in power were so jealous of his talents that they framed him. As a result, Saruman was banished to the bottom of the Cove. Filled with anger, he struggled to survive in order to take revenge. He had been killing wolves for clothes, and hunting bugs for food. Climbing his way up the Cove alone, Saruman gradually forgot his language; but instead, he learnt that of the ancient times. When he finally reached where he used to live in the past, the gnomes were in the midst of a battle with the elves, and Saruman fended off all the elves with his own power. Saruman’s old enemy had already become the tribal leader of the gnomes. When he was about to praise Saruman for his magnanimity, Saruman uttered an evil spell he had learned down the cove. As the enchanted words penetrated into his mind, the tribal leader then became a mere puppet for Saruman.

        Saruman led the gnomes to fight back. Though they managed to defeat the elves, the elves were immune to Saruman’s spells. Saruman not only failed to occupy the territory of the elves, but was also exposed to several attempts of assassination that he almost lost his life. It was always hard to defend against sneak attacks, so Saruman could only resort to negotiation with the elves. Bearing all his previous failures in mind, Saruman devoted himself into studying the power of the Cove. As dark elements was transforming his body over the years, Saruman was rewarded with longevity. Since then, his pursuit of power became relentless; he was not satisfied even all the tribes in the Cove regarded him as the guru, honoring him as the “Lord of Evils”...

        By then, Loki the powerful God of Tricksters arrived at the Cove, of which he crowned himself the king. As Loki’s power was unimaginably strong, Saruman was defeated after a series of battles with him; and he volunteered to be Loki’s servant, so he could spy on Loki, trying to understand the secret behind the power Loki possessed. After discovering that Loki’s power did not originate from himself, Saruman was excited because he had found a new target. It was when he tried to obtain the godly power by fair means or foul, ending up losing himself in the pursuit of power…

        “You say I am a fool down in the dark well? Indeed, I am living in the well of elements! Just throw down your bucket for them, you Gods!”

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