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        Since Isabel passed away, Ibarakidouji kept Marguerite company for a long time until she had recovered from bereavement. Later, Ibarakidouji went back to the Orient and continued to support Shuten-dōji, the kingpin of youkai. Marguerite and Ibarakidouji had respective missions to finish. Their bond remained unshaken even though they were separated. Ibarakidouji visited Marguerite at his leisure. They cherished every second together as they had only so much time to spend.

        Later, more elves joined Marguerite’s clan as her territory expanded, and she was snowed with tedious work. Today, Ibarakidouji headed deep into the forest, carrying a gift box. He squeezed through the elf crowd and found the girl he loved — the frowning Marguerite was talking to another elf, who somewhat resembled Marguerite. They both possessed the wings and stinger of a bee. Those features evidenced the inheritance of queenship.

        Ibarakidouji kept his distance from Marguerite and that elf, so he could not hear what they were talking about, but he could see that the other elf was getting agitated; she seemed to be arguing with Marguerite. All of a sudden, the elf yelled as she stormed off, ‘Your notions are out of date! They won’t solve any problems!’ Ibarakidouji watched her disappear into the crowd before he stepped up to Marguerite.

        ’What’s wrong?’ Ibarakidouji asked gently.

        ’...Just minor discord. It’s nothing.’ Marguerite slumped into the chair. She was never an expert in getting along with other higher-status elves, especially this “inheritor”. ’She keeps pushing the idea of territory expansion, but she won’t understand that would be an act that declares war on the other elf states.’

        ’She’s just thinking for the greater good.’ ‘Push all of us into a battlefield of bloodshed. Is that the greater good?’ Marguerite sounded annoyed.

        ’She’s got her reasons. Sometimes we must demonstrate our strength for strategic purposes’ ‘It’s none of your business!’

        ’Marguerite, how do you make the right call with this temperamental…’ ‘You don’t understand! Slaughter may solve problems in the Orient but not here!’ Days of insomnia had exhausted her. She thought she could hear words of consolation from her lover instead of criticism. The disappointment had pushed her to the edge.

        ’...So that’s what you think of me.’ Marguerite realized she had gone too far hearing Ibarakidouji’s monotone voice. As she intended to apologize, Ibarakidouji said, ‘I’ll stay out of your business.’ He turned around and walked away. Marguerite watched him disappeared speechlessly.

        Since that argument, Ibarakidouji had never visited Marguerite again. Living through the days without him felt like torment to Marguerite. Her heart could not help aching, and her soul became empty. She finally realized that she could not live without him. She had been looking for a chance to meet Ibarakidouji and apologize to him, but she did not have time for that; the elves living near the coast had declared war on Marguerite’s clan!

        The unpredicted war frightened the Marguerite’s elves. As the "Queen Bee", Marguerite should be leader who soothed everyone’s nerves and organized an anti-invasion. The two opposing sides were familiar with the nearby terrains, but Marguerite struggled to snatch the upper hand. She barely won the battles one after the other, thanks to the aid from the successor of Queen Bee. Seeing how her successor dove into the enemies bravely, Marguerite thought it might be time to resign from the throne…

        The Queen Bee successor led the army to fight off the invasion and settled the crisis. Marguerite thought that the successor would slaughter all of the captive enemies, but the successor offered them mercy and signed a peace treaty. The two clans established a diplomatic relation that focused on food trading.

        ’There goes a solution to food shortage.’ The successor smiled proudly.

        ’Yes. All thanks to you.’

        ’I think...I understand why you always prioritized peace.’ The successor looked around. Injured elves and fallen trees lay everywhere. She continued, ‘A war always leads to deaths no matter if we win or lose. This is the nature of war. I get it now.’

        Marguerite smiled and said, “You just need more exposure. That’s why I’m abdicating in favor of you.”

        ’T-that can’t be! I’ve still got a lot more to learn from you!’

        ’Relax. I’m not leaving for good. My absence will be temporary, and it will be a chance for you to handle things independently,’ said Marguerite trying to bolster her successor’s confidence.

        ’Marguerite settled everything before departing to the Orient. She cautiously followed the route that Ibarakidouji had told her about and made it to the Orient. The chaos there did not disorient her like it did last time. She raced straight for Ibarakidouji’s mansion. There she caught the shadow of her most precious person in the world. Marguerite sprinted towards the shadow without hesitation and wrapped him in her arms.


        ’A-about what happened last time...I’m so sorry…’

        ’Well...It was me who started it, but I didn’t have time to apologize since I’ve been so busy assisting my brother. Forgive me.’

        Marguerite and Ibarakidouji exchanged smiles, knowing that both of them had changed for the better. Things did not always go as planned, but Marguerite was deeply convinced that Ibarakidouji and she would defeat every obstacle ahead of them as long as they shared the same dream...