Minerelves’ Record Story Ch. 17

        Inside an isolated country, there nurtured a special sort of elves. The species was called minerelf, for their body structure consisted of jewels. The nation gradually thrived under the king’s rule, and this story began at the thriving age…

        “That’s her…”

        Inside the Minerelf Girls’ School, a fragile girl Pearl was lurking at a corner along the hallway, peeping at a silver-haired “girl” walking out of the classroom.

        “That natural temperament, and every move of hers is shining...She’s so beautiful, just as Opal said…”

        Pearl traced the “girl” with an admiring gaze, but she would never have expected that the “girl” Diamond was actually a boy, who had transferred to this school in disguise for some reasons.

        “No! She’s leaving. I must follow her…”

        Pearl moved forward to keep tailing, but running was just too much for her weak body.

        “Huff...Huh? Where’s she?”

        When Pearl finally managed to shorten the distance, she realised that she had lost track of Diamond. While she was looking around nervously, a voice sounded behind her——

        “Who are you? Why are you following me?”

        The voice belonged to Diamond, the one Pearl was looking for. Right now, he was glaring at Pearl with a grim face.

        The timid Pearl was frightened by Diamond’s intimidating aura, swelling tears in her eyes.

        “I-I’m sorry!” Pearl screamed.

        “Hey, look out!”

        Despite the warning from Diamond, Pearl was too scared to have rational thinking, who was running all the way ahead. Diamond reluctantly chased after her, catching her in time just behind she fell down the stairs.

        While shielding Pearl, Diamond summoned power to crystalize his body, drawing a glittering track in the air. Next second, the two of them smashed onto the floor——

        Boom! The crash landing made a huge noise, drawing the attention of Opal. When she walked up the stairs, she ran over as she saw the elf she was looking for——

        “Pearl! You’re here...Well...I’m sorry to interrupt.”

        Opal stepped back as she got a clear image of what was happening——Diamond’s face was buried into Pearl’s chest, and his hand was grabbing her slightly prominent body part. There was no way that an outsider wouldn’t think of something dirty.

        “Wait! It’s not what you’re thinking!” Diamond pushed Pearl away immediately while suppressing the nauseous feeling, which came up every time when he had skinship with girls.

        “I bumped into her because I was trying to save her!” Diamond shouted.

        “...For real?” Opal was skeptical.

        “He’s telling the truth!” Pearl answered this time.

        “If Pearl said so, then it should be true.” Opal then went over to lift up Pearl.

        When she turned to Diamond, he had already got up on his own.

        “Alright. Your turn to explain now. What’s going on here?” Diamond crossed his arms and asked.

        “Let me report to you!” Opal saluted to Diamond and said, “she is Pearl, my classmate, and also your hardcore fan. She wants to have your autograph!”

        “Huh?” Shocked at the beginning, Diamond then said with a frown, “what fan are you talking about. Nonsense!”

        “Aw, don’t be so mean,” said Opal pouting her mouth. “She means no harm.”

        “Ugh…” Scratching his head, Diamond said as he started feeling guilty, “it’s my fault. I’m sorry.”

        “I’m sorry that I startled you earlier…” Pearl murmured as she peeped behind Opal, with the innocent face that made her look even more pitiable. Blinking her lucid eyes, she whispered, “will you… sign me your autograph?”

        Even the vigilant Diamond could not help but surrender himself to the innocent Pearl.

        “I don’t get the value in my autograph though…” Diamond took a signboard from Pearl as he mumbled, quickly signed and returned the board. Once Pearl received his autograph, she held it very tight as if it was something precious.

        “Thank you,” said Pearl with a sweet smile. “I’ll always be your fan and support you forever!”

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