Peach blossoms fluttered in the breeze with petals falling from the sky, filling the air with a light aroma . There was an elegant mansion hidden in the centre of the peach trees, where Jiutian Xuannü was developing a new perfume named “Peach Essence”.

        She brought some fresh peach blossoms into a boiler for cooking. During the process, Jiutian Xuannü looked at a bronze mirror, which amazed her. “Everyone can’t take their eyes off me. Xuannü, how come you’re born with such lovely and gorgeous face?” she flattered herself.

        The mirror certainly would not talk back. The self-absorbed Jiutian Xuannü started dancing in the house. She added the petals while she was spinned on her toes. Very soon, the boiler was filled to the full.

        “Blup, blup.” The liquid was bubbling on the fire, but it was not until then that Xuannü got a sinking feeling. “Oh crap! Too many petals…”


        The boiler blew up into half. A cloud of smoke came out of the roof along with a strong smell of aged fermented wine.

        For Jiutian Xuannü, the first thing after the explosion was checking on herself rather than the house in a mess. “Cough...How’s my face? Thank goodness. I’m still looking gorgeous.” she hurried to a mirror and checked on her pretty face.

        “Your face is fine, but the Heavenly Kingdom is polluted!” He Xian'gu, red with rage, sat on a giant lotus landing through the hole on the roof.

        “My Peach Essence is not a pollutant!” Jiutian Xuannü looked her in the eyes and retorted. The moment when the eye contact was made, a feeling of heat surged within their bodies, causing a tingle in head.

        “What kind of strange feeling is this...Did she just cast a spell on me? Can’t let her know that she got me! Gotta stay calm!”

        Jiutian Xuannü pretended to act calm and said, “Well well well, isn’t this the old lady He Xian'gu? What a rare visitor. I do...miss you by the way.”
        “Did you just say old lady!? You self-absorbing...the best perfumer of Heavenly Kingdom. I miss you too.”
        They held each other tight, flattering on their own beauty that had never been told before.

        After coming to her senses, Jiutian Xuannü immediately got goosebumps as she reacted to her abnormal behavior. “Never expected that my sworn enemy was actually my admirer, and even put a weird spell on me! But I won’t blame you for that, ‘cause I know how irresistible I am,” she said as she pushed away He Xian'gu.

        Xuannü’s words almost made her throw up. “Huh!? Who’s your fan? And why would I cast a spell on you? Now the cheesy perfume aroma is spreading to everywhere. You must be the one causing that!” He Xian'gu rolled her eyes.

        Looking at the burnt residue of fragrance, Jiutian Xuannü felt a bit guilty of herself. “Aroma…! Could it be my Peach Essence? Is it the side effect of the failure?”

        Suddenly, He Xian'gu screamed out of fear. “Hey! What-what are you doing! No!”
        Driven by the Peach Essence, Jiutian Xuannü acted out of control, pushed her down and intended to kiss her; He Xian'gu said no, but her arms went the opposite, hugging around Xuannü’s neck automatically.

        When their lips were about to make contact, both of them suddenly regained sanity backed off promptly. “Blaargh!...Ew! Freaking disgusting! I can’t let this happen anymore. Gotta make an antidote with white lotus from the Heaven Lake!”

        The exotic aroma filled the entire place all along the way. When Jiutian Xuannü arrived at the Heaven Lake, she found that Zhongli Quan and Cao Guojiu were bathing together cosily.

        “Babe, let me rub your back,” said Zhongli Quan.Surprisingly, Cao Guojiu accepted his kindness, “alright. Then I’ll rub yours later, honey.”

        “Babe...Honey…” Jiutian Xuannü was going to leave without disturbing their wonderful moment. Right as she turned around, a splash spattered, following with the quarrel between Zhongli Quan and Cao Guojiu.

        Zhongli Quan swung his fist and bawled, “Holy crap! Why would a man like me rub your back! And calling me honey? What’s your problem!”

        “It’s you who have a problem, you obese pig! Why did you lean over when I was bathing!” Cao Guojiu caught the punch; both of them began to wrestle. As the fight was getting intense, the two gathered elemental power to strike back.

        Cao Guojiu conjured his crimson board to unleash fire attacks; Zhongli Quan instantly parried the strike by casting a fireball with a giant fan. Two pneuma clashed, causing rain of fire. Flames spread to Jiutian Xuannü on the lakeside, even burning the white lotus.

        “Ouch it’s hot! My delicate skin...Hey! Stop the lovers’ tiff! Oh no, let me rephrase that...Anyways, just stop the fight! You’re gonna burn all the lotus!”

        The petals in the air wrapped Zhongli Quan and Cao Guojiu up when she waved her hand, petrifying the two like a statue. But the Xian art was cracked very soon as the fire power of the two burnt the petals into crisps.

        “Stop!” Bang! An immense lotus, bigger than a mountain, came down from the sky and pressed them flat underneath.

        “Just when I wondered why the aroma’s still here. Turns out you need a hand.” He Xian'gu winked at her.

        “Humph, don’t be cocky. I haven’t shown my full strength yet. And for the record, I was expecting your nasty brutal attack,” Jiutian Xuannü returned the sarcasm back.

        As both of them glared at each other, that weird feeling of heat started surging again. Jiutian Xuannü and He Xian'gu, holding hands, got closer and closer…

        “Stop it old lady. I know you’re so jealous of my beauty, but you gotta keep it in your pants!” Jiutian Xuannü sobered up to pinch He Xian'gu on the cheek.

        He Xian'gu did the same to her trembling with rage in return. “Don’t you dare call me old lady again! Hurry up! Get rid of the aroma! And don’t you mess the Heavenly Kingdom ever again!”

        Jiutian Xuannü picked an intact white lotus from the lake and injected pneuma into it with an elegant wave. Glowing in purple, the lotus grew bigger and bigger, reaching the size of covering the whole Heaven Lake. Its pleasant aroma blended with that of peach blossoms to fill the Heavenly Kingdom with refreshing air.

        “The white lotus is the best, elegant and refined.” He Xian'gu took a deep breath.

        Jiutian Xuannü took a deep breath too, but instead she shook her head. “The lotus is too bland. It only smells good because of my Peach Essence!”
        “Peach is too strong and cheesy!” He Xian'gu answered.
        “The white lotus is just a minor role in front of the peach blossoms!” Jiutian Xuannü said.
        “You narcissist!”
        “Old lady!”
        Jiutian Xuannü and He Xian'gu argued unstoppingly again;The long-forgotten Zhongli Quan and Cao Guojiu were enjoying this drama.

        “Their squabbles remind me of a familiar feeling,” Zhongli Quan said.
        “You finally got the right feeling, it’s rare,” Cao Guojiu agreed.
        “So you’re saying I’m abnormal for the rest of the time!?”

        This is where the Xians live: the dreamlike Heavenly Kingdom, the lake covered with lotus, peach blossoming all over the mountains, and the refreshing air filled with pleasant aroma. A happy and carefree place where funny things happened everyday...

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