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        Holding a cane, Mysorensis gazed at the skyscraping giant tree——Mother Tree the nurturer of their kind.

        She pressed her palm on the tree trunk, connecting her mind with Mother Tree. As she received the messages from the tree, she still felt incredible after all these years. It was already dawn when she regained her consciousness. Relieving her breath, she found King Welwitschia waiting behind her.

        “Have you figured out why?” Welwitschia asked.

        “Yes. Something is draining the power of Mother Tree, diminishing its Halo.”

        Mysorensis pointed her cane at the far east and said, “the power drained is directed to there. The answer lies in the east.”

        “Understood. I’ll send my elf to investigate,” said Welwitschia, nodding solemnly at Mysorensis. “Please keep Mother Tree safe before we find the answer.”

        “I don’t need you to remind me of my duty, just like you don’t need no one to tell you how to protect Plantdom.”

        Welwitschia laughed out loud, for Mysorensis was one of the two elves in the world who truly understood him.

        Mysorensis had been closely guarding the the failing Mother Tree until her daughter Paperwhite came to Blossomville for her. Paperwhite had been thoughtful since she was little, and she wouldn’t have come here without an emergency.

        When Mysorensis rushed to the entrance of Blossomville, she didn’t expect to see another visitor other than Paperwhite——Hyacinth the eldest prince. Holding Paperwhite’s hand, he looked at Mysorensis with an arrogant gaze.

        “What a cocky elf just as Welwitschia said,” thought Mysorensis. Although they had only met once on a ceremony, she had heard of him from Welwitschia——intelligent and decisive, but apathetic.

        “Paperwhite, why are you summoning me with Prince Hyacinth?” Mysorensis pretended to be ignorant although she had already figured out.

        “Mother, I...I…” Paperwhite was too nervous to spit it out, and Hyacinth took a step closer and said, “Madam Mysorensis, I’m here to ask for your blessing to our marriage.”

        Remaining silent, Mysorensis looked at Paperwhite for her answer. She heaved a sigh when she saw Paperwhite nodded shyly, completely beguiled in love.

        “Your highness, you’re ambitious and I can see your determination to ascend to the throne; but Paperwhite is not a queen material and she can’t handle the crowd. She can’t help you,” said Mysorensis, looking at Hyacinth in the eyes grimly.

        “I don’t need her help! I just want her by my side. I love her wholeheartedly.” Despite Hyacinth’s agitated tone, Mysorensis couldn’t find the intense emotion in his gaze.

        “Forgive me, your highness. My daughter is not good enough for you. Paperwhite, come here.”



        Unable to defy her mother, Paperwhite let go of Hyacinth to go to Mysorensis. Before they left, the sound of heavy object hitting the ground drew their attention——Hyacinth knelt on the ground.

        “Your highness——”

        “Madam Mysorensis, please approve our marriage!”

        The sincerity in Hyacinth reminded Mysorensis of the youth Welwitschia. They looked exactly the same when Welwitschia was begging her to be the guardian of Mother Tree.

        “Like father like son, He definitely got his stubbornness from Welwitschia…”

        “I’m sorry!” Paperwhite, following behind Mysorensis, got rid of her grip and returned to Hyacinth, kneeling with him.

        “I’ll be with him no matter what! He’s my one and only, and my heart will always be his.”

        “Paperwhite…” Touched by her confession, Hyacinth stroked her cheek gently.

        “He put his ego aside for Paperwhite...I guess he’s not that ruthless…”

        After staring at them for a while, Mysorensis finally compromised with a deep sigh.

        “Paperwhite, if you insist, then you’ll have my blessing,” said Mysorensis. Then she turned to Hyacinth, bowed at him and said, “your highness, please take good care of my daughter for the rest of her life.”

        “Don’t worry. She’ll be in good care with me.”

        Hyacinth pulled Paperwhite into his arms and smiled at her. Their joy had spread to Mysorensis as well.

        Later on, their wedding was held in the blessings of numerous elves. Seeing her daughter in white, Mysorensis wished nothing but the best for her, and prayed to Mother Tree a happy life for her.

        As Mother Tree was decaying day by day, Mysorensis had to stay with it every minute; she didn’t even have time to visit Welwitschia in coma. The moment she had taken on the responsibility, she must devote her life to Mother Tree in order to maintain the vitality of Plantdom.

        However, the threat lurking in Plantdom was far deeper than she had expected, which unfolded at the Century Feast. That day, a deafening explosion startled Mysorensis, who was guarding Mother Tree. Looking to the entrance of Blossomville, she saw a dazzling yet vengeful girl glaring at her.

        “I’m here to get back what I’m entitled...Hand over Mother Tree!” After declaring war, the hostile Papaver dashed to Mysorensis immediately.