Name Eye of Compassion - Sariel Attribute InvEarth Earth
Id No. 1263 Rarity 7★ Cost 18 Race InvGod God Series Keepers of Worlds
Lv Max 99 Exp
6,000,000 Max
Basic Properties HP Attack Recovery Total Sacrifice Exp Sell Value
Lv 1 1708771178 2657 Lv 1 1000 1000
Lv 99 3383 1426 405 5214 Per Lv +1200 +100
Active Skill Name Purifying Stance - EX & Crowning of Spirits - Beaming Earth Lv. 1
18 Lv. 12
Effect Only one effect can be selected:
  1. For 1 Round, Earth Attack 1.75; Clear all additional effect(s) in play. The more effects cancelled, the higher the Earth Attack, to the max x 2.5.
  2. Turn Heart Runestones into Enchanted Earth Runestones; Water Runestones into Enchanted Heart Runestones; Fire Runestones into Enchanted Light Runestones.
Leader Skill Name Ire of Earth
Effect Earth Attack x 3
Amelioration Skills
Refine1 Amelioration Skill 1:
Monster's HP +170
Refine2 Amelioration Skill 2:
If a group of 3 or more Runestones are dissolved in the column below the Monster, Team Attack +10% for that Round (Runestones dissolved when dropping would not trigger the effect).
Refine3 Amelioration Skill 3:
Monster's Attack +180
Refine4 Amelioration Skill 4:
Monster's Active Skill CD - 1
Battle Follow the Heart - Earth
Power Release
Origin Friend Point
No Diamond
No Others

Book Backstory:

        All the Keepers of Worlds were exhausted after a fierce battle. Seizing this opportunity, Lucifer returned to the “Chandelier of Promise” and his magic circle. He extracted elemental power from the items and mended his armor. Simultaneously, Sariel was panting heavily and her vision was blurry. In the strong wind, as the bond between Sariel and the “Evil Eye” had weakened, the “Evil Eye” on her sword was dull and its emanated power was feeble.

        ‘With the help of the “Chandelier of Promise”, Lucifer is almost invincible as he can continuously recover...Never can we win!’ Angered by her own lack of power, Sariel frowned as she imagined the realm of Humans crumble from elemental imbalance. All her companions were lying on the ground, covered in wounds and bruises, with their feathers drifting around in the hot wind. Being the only one conscious, Sariel held onto her sword and contemplated her next move: ‘What if I reactivate the “Evil Eye”...If the “Evil Eye” can be reactivated...!’

        Although Sariel was on the verge of fainting, she concentrated her mind, trying to feel the faint warmth of the “Evil Eye”, and said to it: ‘I am willing to give everything only for waking up my companions...Evil Eye, do you hear me? Everything!’ At that moment, the “Evil Eye” exuded with green light and began to slightly beat like a heart. Sariel then plunged the double swords into the soil and stood up with their support. The battlefield was bathed in the "Evil Eye"'s flowing light, like a piece of barren land being moistened. Upon seeing this, Sariel could not help but recall the days when she was still a trainee — the “Evil Eye” was out of control and destroyed everything in its sight, but when Sariel decided to heal the wounded, the “Evil Eye” transformed into its curing form and enveloped all the injured with its tender light...

        “Our gracious and compassionate Lord, have mercy on us; grant us peace...” Sariel murmured the prayer with her eyes closed. The light radiating from the “Evil Eye” became brighter and brighter as the current of its power grew with Sariel’s prayer, healing her wounded body. With a wave of her hand, Sariel pulled the swords out of the ground. As Sariel crossed the swords for power convergence, the mystical light gathered at the intersection, forming the shape of an eye. Sariel could feel all her power channeling into her swords, but suddenly, the “Evil Eye” shattered.

        “What...?!” Just when Sariel was shocked by what had happened, blinding radiance shone from her swords and illuminated all the other Keepers. With every Keeper the light touched, Sariel could sense their heartbeat and their pulse sounding stronger and deeper. “What a rousing hymn. So this is what the ‘Evil Eye’ sees...?” Along with the other Keepers’ powerful heartbeats, Sariel felt an unprecedentedly overwhelming power coursing through her body like an earthquake.

         The Keepers of Worlds woke up one after another. Just then, the storm began to pass, but it was only because Lucifer had finished mending his armor. Gazing down from the sky, he saw the Keepers swiftly recovering. Thus, seizing this opportunity to annihilate the Keepers once and for all, he shot elemental beams at them. Uriel quickly stood up and dodged the attack by flapping her wings and stepping to the side. Meanwhile, Gabriel and Raguel rolled on the ground and dodged the incoming attack just in time. However, Raphael had not woken up yet, forcing Sariel to channel the last bit of the “Evil Eye”’s power into her swords to shield Raphael from the elemental beam...

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