The sunlight beamed through a lattice window, shining on a beauty lying on the bed. Opening her eyes, she sat straight and looked around confusedly.

        “Where…is this?” The lady slurred the words, as if talking wasn’t a familiar action to her. Raising her head, she found her reflection in the mirror. “Is this... me? But...who am I?” She mumbled.

        While the panicking lady was getting out of the bed, something dropped from her palm to the floor——a jade hair pin carved with a name “Yu Miaoyi”.

        “I’ve been holding this all along… Yu Miaoyi…Is this my name?” Miaoyi, the amnesia lady, stroked the skin indentation left by the hair pin on her palm. Then she picked it up, went to the dressing table and set her hair with the accessory. Every move happened smoothly like involuntary actions.

        “Right. I’ve been wearing this hair pin all along. It’s very important…” A flashback suddenly surged in her mind——A man put the hair pin on her, while the spare hands of the two were holding together.

        “That was me...I was smiling so happily...But who’s that man?”

        “Ah! My head...hurts!” A nerve-wrecking pain drilled through Miaoyi’s head; Staying in this room make her suffocate.

        Miaoyi left the house barefooted regardless of her chaotic state of mind. Led by her gut feeling, she walked along a trail down the hill while the headache confused her navigation, bumping into a man coming her way. Miaoyi stumbled on the ground.

        “Hey! Watch yourself or I’ll...Oh, a hottie here.” It was a thug whom Miaoyi had bumped into. Once the thug had seen her pretty face, his look went from savage to lecherous.

        “I’m gonna let it go if you spend some time with me.”

        “Let-let me go,” Miaoyi cried for help in a panic when the thug grabbed her wrist. She tried to break free but he was too strong to be wrestled with. The despicable thug pulled out a sword, holding her hostage to threaten her.

        “You’ve got no say in this. Do as I said and I’ll treat you gently.” Assuming Miaoyi’s obedience, the thug reached under her clothes…

        “No! I won’t allow anyone touching me except for him!” An unspoken sentiment drove Miaoyi to fight back. Her instinct guided her body to disarm the thug with another hand.

        Clang! The sword dropped to the ground; In a split second, Miao fetched the weapon and wielded fiercely——The thug was beheaded before he could even make a scream.

        Miao trembled as she looked at the horrible corpse lying on the ground.

        “What...What’s...wrong with me? Why am I so proficient in killing...Who am I?” Pressing on her head, the collapsed Miaoyi ran away restlessly as if she was escaping from a monster. She didn’t stop until out of breath, finding herself at a hill.

        “This place...I’ve been here before, so many times...but what for...Ouch!” A burst of flashbacks popped up in her aching head.

        “The right side...I take the right turn every time I come to the peak. I have a reason to go there…” Miaoyi managed to calm herself and took the right trail, going all the way to the end.

        There was an anonymous grave at the end of the trail. No decoration could be found apart from a stone pile, yet Miaoyi wept at the moment she saw the grave.

        “Why am I crying?” The heart-wrenching emotion overpowered any kinds of physical pain of Miaoyi, putting her into a torture. “Even when in amnesia, and I have no memories about you, your death still devastate me.”

        As more tears rolled down, Miaoyi put the hairpin on her neck. “If this is gonna be a miserable life to live, I’d rather end this right now to see you again,” she murmured.

        Before she put an end to her life, someone was one step faster to knock her out; It was a young man in armor who caught the unconscious Miaoyi. He spoke to the grave with a frown, “Miaoyi had a rough start in her life. She used to have you as a shelter when you were still in her life. Yet you left way too early before her, brother Xiang.”

        Stroking her bang gently, young man whispered, “poor girl, who had amnesia after a mental breakdown. It wiped out her memories of you and me as if it was meant to take away her pain...No, she can’t even remember who she is.”

        “Brother Xiang, spare her please. Let her live her life,” the young man begged at the grave.

        He got nothing but blowing breeze in response. Returning to the house, the dejected man fed Miaoyi with a sedative medicine. As she fell asleep peacefully, he left the house.

        The day after, Miaoyi was woken up by the sunlight again, getting off her bed.

        “Did I drop something?”

        “It doesn’t matter. Head towards the light. Start with a new life there.”

        An unknown voice sounded inside Maoyi’s head. Complying with its guide, she ignored the thing dropped on the floor and walked towards the door...

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