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        For their own faith, Apollo and Artemis had a fierce battle with the Zodiac before they headed towards the only aisle that led to the heavens. Both sides gathered strong elemental power simultaneously. Apollo concentrated light power on his hands as his opponent casted elemental earth power to encircle him. They charged at each other with their own elemental energy, which collided and its impact gave out waves of shock waves. As their elemental powers collided, Apollo saw an illusion of an alternative life within the elements…

        Apollo rested on the rim of the sun by himself. The realm of Humans had an air of gaiety. The town that worshipped Apollo was holding a ritual to choose the new priestess of the God of Sun. Apollo, however, did not really care about it. He was God and they were mortals. The distance between them would never change, so it did not matter who became his priestess.
        At this moment, dancing music, rhythmic claps and jingling sounds echoed in the realm of Humans, drawing Apollo’s attention. He saw the citizens had formed a huge circle and within the circle, two ladies were dancing. Apollo was attracted by one of the ladies’ gracefulness——her rhythmic posture, her silky hair, and gorgeous look. Her movements were more skillful and elegant than the other ladies, and she was enjoying herself. Apollo deeply enjoyed her dance and decided to make her his priestess.
        As the music stopped, Apollo jumped down from the sun rim to the middle of the crowd. All the townspeople kneeled down once they became aware of his presence. Apollo approached the lady and knew her name was Cassandra. He helped her up and declared Cassandra as his priestess.
        Apollo slightly waved his hand and tiny spots of light transformed into a priestess scepter. Although the scepter was light, Cassandra knew the duties of a priestess were not easy. However, as she received the scepter, she became fully prepared to take on the role as priestess.

        To humans, decades were a long period of time, but to Apollo, decades passed by in a blink of an eye. In this long period of time, it became clear to him that humans were weak, so he let Cassandra reside in his temple. Apollo believed that only he, someone with godly powers, could protect her from danger.
        However, Cassandra was unaware of Apollo’s intention. All this time, she had been blaming herself for being unable to perform her duties as a priestess. One day, news of war between Humans and Demons spread to the temple. To protect the Humans, Apollo decided to go to the battlefield. Cassandra also heard the news, rushed to Apollo's side and said: “please let me go with you, God of the Sun.”
         “No way! It's too dangerous. You have to stay here.”
         “I'm your priestess, which means I'm your spokesperson. Why can’t I go?”
         “Well...alright then, but you have to stay close to me.”
         “Thank you for your kindness, God of the Sun.”
        Apollo and Cassandra arrived at the battlefield, the war between Humans and Demons. The Humans were retreating due to the Demons' fierce offense attacks. Apollo gave out a resplendent light to boost the humans’ morale and make the Demons flinch in fear. Cassandra raised her scepter and yelled: “Fear not, Humans! The God of the Sun is here with us. We shall prevail!”
        The presence of Apollo and Cassandra had lifted their spirits. Apollo's support quickly turned the tides of war. While he fought the Demons, Cassandra was looking after the wounded in the back. Suddenly, someone shot an arrow at Cassandra! Apollo immediately rushed to her side and protected her from the arrow——
        “Lord Apollo!”
        “Are you alright?”
        “I’m fine, but Lord Apollo…”
        “Don’t worry. It’s just an arrow.”
        Cassandra helped Apollo pull out the arrow in his back. As she was about to bandage him up, the leader of the Demons sneaked up from behind and firmly grabbed Cassandra!
        “...Let her go! You demon!”
        “It seems like she's important enough for you to save her.”
        Apollo tried to get up but the Demon leader pulled out his sword, placed it on Cassandra’s neck and said: “Don’t move. Otherwise my blade may slip and cut her throat. I’m sure you don’t want to see that, right?”
        “...Darn it!...”
        The leader of the Demons signaled to his demon soldiers. They approached Apollo and began attacking his wound; while Apollo did not fight back. He was afraid that if he made any movements, Cassandra would be killed. Therefore, he would rather suffer than lose her.
        “No...Don’t...Lord Apollo!”
        At that moment, a spear suddenly pierced through the air! The spear hit the ground and the impact released a wave of earth elemental power, blasting the demon soldiers away from Apollo. Athena descended from the sky, calmly picked up her spear, and accurately pierced the demon leader's head before he could react, who then slowly fell down.
        “Thank you Ath——”
        Cassandra was stunned by Athena's slap. She did not cry nor grumble, and was even afraid to look at Athena as she clearly understood what that slap meant.
        “He’s hurt because of you. Do you even deserve this sacrifice?”
        Athena helped up the fainted Apollo and brought him back to the heavens; while Cassandra watched them leave, she kept thinking about what Athena said and clenched her fists. At that moment, she made up her mind.
        As Apollo woke up, he immediately went to the temple to check on Cassandra, but the only thing that was present was her scepter, under which laid a letter: “Thank you for your blessings, God of the Sun. But I’m not the right person to be your priestess.” Apollo was so angry that he tore the letter in half and sat down on the ground, holding the scepter…

        “I understand there is a huge gap between Humans and Gods, but as long as I can protect her and see her, I'm satisfied despite of my short-lived time with her.”