Fafnir and Cooper were guardians created by Elder Gods. From the moment of their birth, they began their mission — protecting the world. Later, they kept the gemstones which sealed the power of the Elder Gods and and began their own respective journeys.

        Fafnir admired everything in the world as each originated from the ancient creators. Every time she encountered elements or interacted with different creatures, she would feel that the Elder Gods were next to her, watching over the world by her side... She loved staying in the forest alone, sensing the pneuma of nature. Even it was just a whole day lying on the grass and looking at the calm sky, she would not bore.

        One day, Fafnir was lying on the grass. Her eyes closed, she was sensing everything surrounding her—the warm sunlight and the fresh air. All of a sudden, the ground shook, bringing with it a stinging burnt smell. This left Fafnir with no choice but to cover her nose and run towards the source of the stench.

        She stood on the hills. What she saw shocked and enraged her... Animals were fearfully running all over the place; the trees were had become a sea of fire. Two groups of people, bearing different flags, charged at each other. Battle ensued with all disregarding the surroundings; in their eyes, they could see nothing but slaughter. Pitiful innocent lives were perishing because of the battle...

        Witnessing all these, the fire of rage burned savagely in her heart. At that time, she still had not known that was an emotion called “anger”. She could only feel that there was a voice telling her to kill all those people destroying the world. Finally, Fafnir could no longer resist the voice. She took out a light-yellow gemstone, and started chanting a spell...

        “There are certain things I trust in this world and there are certain things I long for. They are guarding all that are important. The purpose behind our existence is to eradicate sins. The power, and the faith shall be with me.”

        Fafnir’s human body gradually transformed into a gigantic dragon. Her hateful eyes focused directly upon the warring masses. With loud roar, she charged into the crowd. Before the people could react, they had already been crushed by her big claws... The survivors ran for their lives immediately, ignoring the battle they had been fighting just moments ago. However, Fafnir was not going to show mercy to any of them. She knew that she had to protect the world so loved by the Elder Gods; yet, Humans seeks solely to destroy, never to cherish. The light elements focused and formed a ring of light, which was shot into the crowd around her.

        “Ugly inferior beings! I shall not let you harm this beautiful realm anymore!”

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