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        “Darn Humans!” Zeus’s fury erupted. “You! Send more soldiers to guard the entrance!”

        Lightning bolts slashed through the skies, embodying the tumultuous emotional state of Zeus at the time. It was the first time the Gods have seen Zeus trembling with such rage.

        “Zeus, do you have to be that angry?” asked Poseidon as he laughed coldly.

        “Poseidon, if you weren’t my brother, I would have expelled you from heaven long ago. Cut the sarcasm!”

        All of a sudden, a God soldier rushed towards Zeus hurriedly and knelt before him.
        “The Humans have arrived at the seal.” The soldiers was panting.

        Upon hearing the message, Zeus' anger only grew. He waved his hand and led the Gods towards the gate to heaven.

        Boom! Boom!

        When the Gods arrived at the gate, they could hear the deafening sound of thunder. Through their magic, they could see Humans blasting open the gate with the elemental power. The proud Zeus immediately felt insulted by their insolence.

        “Father, please allow me to kill them!” The ever-conceited Apollo shared his father sentiment.

        Apart from the kind Hephaestus and the indifferent Poseidon, all Gods were requesting battle assignments from Zeus. Zeus took a glance at the Gods; then, he looked at the gate. The booms were exhausting his patience. He waved his hand as an approval to the Gods’ request. Receiving the order, the Gods began to prepare for battle. At that moment, Hephaestus approached Zeus.

        “Father, perhaps it is true that they have crossed the line, but please, don’t kill them.”
        “No! They must be killed to serve as an example. These people must die!” All Zeus could feel now was only anger.

        Before Hephaestus could speak, he was stopped by a trident; Poseidon shook his head.

        “You laughable father, our poor king, has lost his mind. He doesn’t even know what he’s doing.”

        The gate to heaven was finally opened by human summoners. Behind the door, atmosphere was extremely tense: the Gods were readying themselves for a decisive battle. At that moment—


        A dragon’s roar stopped everyone. Two dark shadows descended from heaven, landing between the Gods and the Humans. One of them slowly turned into a beautiful maiden. She looked at all Humans before her with disdain, and spoke with her lips barely opened:
        “I have long said that Humans should be exterminated!”