Leviathan was reading in the garden, when a maidservant walked up to serve her a cup of tea. Leviathan suddenly waved her hand, pushing the teacup and teapot away. The tea set fell to the ground and clinked into pieces.
        “You stupid slave! Haven’t I told you that you must wear gloves whenever you hand me anything? Don’t you know how unclean you are?” Leviathan angrily shouted at the servant.
        “I, I am sorry…” The servant was so scared that she knelt to beg for forgiveness.
        “Unclean… really… so unclean…” Leviathan ignored the servant. She took out a piece of white cloth from one of her sleeves, wiping the table and her own hands non-stop as if mad. She was rubbing so hard that her skin turned red, nearly scraped. A butler came to clean up the scattered pieces and took the crying maidservant away. Not until the servant had left did Leviathan finally return her smile, as if soothed by the removal of “filth”.
        “Hey newbie, you must be careful. Miss Leviathan is not one of the royals, but her father is an influential courtier. He gets credit for his significant contribution to the country, so his family is entitled to live in the palace.” The butler lectured the maidservant.
        “I… I couldn’t understand why she got angry with me so suddenly… What have I done wrong?”
        “Miss Leviathan has serious mysophobia, which means she has a morbid fear of uncleanness. Let me tell you — we had to wipe the book jacket a dozen of times to satisfy her! In her eyes, everything in this world is unclean; only she herself is spotless.”
        Leviathan finished reading the book. She held it tight in her arms and gingerly stood up, afraid of touching anything. She carefully looked at the ground, and took every step with the utmost caution. As she was walking in small steps with legs not lifted high enough, she stumbled over a rock and fell. Her body was caked in mud, filling her with fear and disgust. She put both hands on her head and screamed wildly. While she was having a nervous breakdown —
        Prince Baal walked to Leviathan and bent down. He noticed that she hurt her knees, so he picked her up and carried her in his arms to the hall. This was the first time that Leviathan considered herself unclean and even disgusting.
        “Lord, Lord Baal! Please put me down! I am so unclean! I will make you and your royal chair unclean too!”
        Baal ignored what she said and put her on the chair, about to clean her wound. Leviathan immediately turned her body, moving her legs away, and said, “Lord Baal, please do not touch me! I do not want to make your hands unclean!’
        “Stop talking such trifles! You should worry about your wound instead!”
        Baal forced her back to sitting upright. He gently wiped away the mud around her wound and dressed it with a piece of cloth torn from his shirt. The two did not say a word. Silently looking at Baal, Leviathan could hear her heart pounding increasingly fast. She knew that her allowing Baal to touch her meant that she had already given her heart to him.
        “Done. Remember to clean the wound properly, or else it might get worse.”
        As Baal smiled to Leviathan, she could no longer suppress her feelings. She pulled him towards her and their lips touched. She then held back, slowly opened her eyes and said, “Lord Baal, I love —”
        Baal did not allow Leviathan to finish her sentence. With one arm wrapping around her waist, Baal pulled her closer and the two kissed again passionately. Leviathan felt so aroused that as if there was an electrical current running through her body. Numbed by the sensual pleasure, she consented Baal’s carrying her to his bedroom…
        On the bed, Leviathan leant close against Baal in bliss, with their clothes scattered on the floor. She suddenly realized that Baal had not given a direct response to her profession of love. Just as she wanted to ask for an answer, Baal, as if reading her mind, cuddled her and said, “sweet dreams, dear.”
        She smiled and fell asleep in his warm embrace.
        Since then, Leviathan was always by the side of Baal, working for him and “working with” him. Though Baal had not given her any answer or promise, he had the most intimate relationship with her than with others. She thought that she was the special one in his heart, until one day, a youth called “Abadon” appeared…
        On a visit, Baal brought Abadon from the slums to join their camp. She knew from his words how he appreciated this youth, and she was unhappy about that. She deemed Abadon a filthy slave, who would blemish the pure prince. The mere existence of Abadon disgusted her. She later learnt about the “Pioneers” campaign, and she thought Baal would choose her, a noble, to be one of the “Pioneers”. Never had she expected that the one appearing on the list would be Abadon.
        That night, the enraged Leviathan questioned Baal, “why did you pick him? I —”
        Once again, Leviathan could not finish her sentence as she was interrupted by Baal’s kiss. She thought perhaps the reason behind Baal’s selection was all because he was unwilling to part with her. Instead of feeling upset again, she decided to enjoy the pleasure from Baal at the moment. The fact that Abadon would leave them soon brought her great joy.
        While Leviathan thought Abadon was removed, Baal still kept close contact with the youth after his departure. Leviathan could not help feeling displeased. She realized that the only way to prevent the slave from dirtying Baal was to eliminate him…
        One night, Leviathan came to Baal’s room as usual, when Baal was frowning deeply in vexation.
        “What happened?”
        “I haven’t heard from Abadon for quite some time, and I couldn’t reach him… What if I ask you to carry out an investigation in the unknown world…”
        “No problem. I can do anything for you, my Lord. I would never disappoint you.
        As Baal lowered his body onto her, her eyes glinted and a sinister smile flashed across her face. It was time for her to eliminate everything unclean from Baal.

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