“Baby, just tell me which piece of jewel you’d like. I’ll buy anything for you,” a man said generously. Next to him, there was a beautiful girl holding his arm delightfully. “Really? I’m so happy! Muah!” She wore a sweet smile.

        “Ugh! This miser wasted me so much time to buy just one jewelry for me...I gotta pick the most expensive one!” Zhao Gao, disguised as the beautiful girl, grumbled in his heart but pretended to look happy. He faked an innocent face walking to the front showcase and paid full attention to choose her jewelry.

        Suddenly, a curvy woman stormed in and slapped the shit out of Zhao Gao.

        He was slapped to the ground, but the woman had no intention to stop. Before she could slap him again, Zhao Gao blocked it single-handed. He shouted in a low voice as he grabbed her hand, “what’s wrong with you, mad woman!”

        “Humph! You deserved this. You slut dared to seduce my husband. I’m the one who has been supportive since he was poor. Now he becomes rich and fancies some young girls...Boohoo…”

        Every customer at the scene gave a gaze of disdain as they heard her words, but Zhao Gao gave no damn about them with a grin.

        “You’re the one to blame!” Zhao Gao pushed the woman against a mirror and continued, “just look at yourself! Get obese in your teens and care nothing about your skin. Do you even know you look old like 40? The worst is that you never thought about fixing your ugliness. If I were you husband, I’d definitely dump you as well!”

        “Wh-what! Beauty is only skin deep, don’t you know!?”

        “Aw, listen to yourself! Humans are all shallow by nature. How could you expect someone to understand your inner beauty if you couldn’t dress yourself decently!” Zhao Gao pouted as he continued, “all you know is complaining but you never improve yourself, and you still expect people to empathize with you? That’s why you had this coming.”

        Zhao Gao let go of his hand, standing like a man with legs open. “Blame yourself for not being able to keep your own husband. He’s just a womanizer after all,” he put it bluntly while gazing at the woman.

        Zhao Gao also lost his interest in her husband as he found that man was not infatuated with him anymore. Then, he left the jewelry shop alone, returned home and put skin care products in front of the dresser.

        “Darn it! That crazy woman ruined my...AHHHH! WHYYYYY...why is my nose crooked...NOOO!” Zhao Gao screamed aloud for he could not accept his disfigured look. He did not stop until his throat was sore. “Nonono...I gotta calm I need a doctor,” he mumbled while stroking his chest.

        Then, he left home and passed through a hidden path in the alley to a dirty place. There was a house at the end of the street, like a clinic of some sort. At this moment, an old man came out; and Zhao Gao ran to hold his hand desperately.

        “Doctor, please! My nose is crooked! Fix me!”

        “Impossible! My skill is perfect...It can’t be——” The old man looked at Zhao Gao’s face closely. “Have you been slapped?”

        “Yes, by an ugly bitch...So my nose was messed up because of her?”

        “Sigh...I’ve told you to take good care of your face, haven’t I? It’s all because of your negligence, so I need to charge you for fixing it. Here is the estimated price.” The old man calculated with an abacus. “I don’t have that much money,”

        “Then live with your crooked nose.”

        “Nooo! I’d rather die!”

        “It’s not worth it. Anyways, you can borrow from a loan shark. Didn’t you tell your men to do the same before?” The old man smirked.

        “If I do this, one day I’ll get caught because of my debt...But at least I can live beautifully before that…,” Zhao Gao pondered. “Alright, I’ll get the money. Please fix my nose first.”

        “Thank you for your patronage. Oh, I just ordered an elixir last week. It can revitalize your skin and make you look younger. Do you want ——”


        In order to keep his beauty, Zhao Gao borrowed money from the loan shark, bought lots of skincare products, had more plastic surgery and accumulated even more debt under the doctor’s persuasion.

        On the due date of repayment, Zhao Gao dressed up nicely sitting in his house. Soon, a charming lady walked in and spoke in a lazy tone, “Zhao Gao, it’s your due date. I come to collect my money.”

        “I don’t have any,” he said directly, but his straightforward attitude arouse the lady’s interest. “Then pay off the debt with your body,” the lady said as she scanned him.

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