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        In this chaotic realm, a brave female warrior had been undefeatable in war. She was known for her frankness and passion. During a decisive battle, she defended against ten thousands of enemies with just a few hundreds of comrades, bringing victory to her country. On the battlefield, the warrior was fierce in the face of enemies, but protective and caring when it came to her comrades. Under her leadership, her army was victorious at last. As everyone was cheering and celebrating their triumph, a figure clad in violet descended and a flash of dazzling purple light entered the warrior’s body. Her eyes suddenly turned stonely.

        After the battle, she was promoted to the senior ranks in the military in hope that she could lead the army towards a bright future after the hardship brought on by the wars. After a short period of time, she reached the rank of general who had vast numbers of soldiers at her disposal; but, she was no longer loved by her subordinates.

        “Madam! A sergeant of our ally is injured, I don’t understand why we can’t help him.” said the lieutenant discontentedly.

        “He is not under my jurisdiction. We cannot use our resources to help him unless we have received approval from his general.”


        “Dismissed!” Her face was as cold as steel.

        A soldier could never challenge the general. The lieutenant could only leave after snapping off a salute. He could not understand why would the once warm-hearted female warrior become so cold. Seeing the departing figure of her angry lieutenant, the female general stood unmoved.

        “These people are just passers-by in my life. How are they any of my business?”

        She had once been a heroic warrior, but now, she was little more than a statue — one who sat idly by, witnessing the progress of time, and one destined to be weathered in the stream of history... Within her cold heart, the hidden Apathetic Angeloid was murmuring: ‘Time never stops. Even if you interfere, everything will still continue...’

        Apatheic Angeloid was born with an inherent thought: all desires were meaningless; everything in the world would proceed spontaneously. The angeloid was just like the only stopped clock, surrounded by many others and tortured by their ticking and tocking. To restore tranquility to all, she incessantly changed the minds of people to evangelize the truth that resided in her heart.

        However, the angeloid would never know, the country was stagnating because of her efforts. People neglected justice and ignored opportunities due to their apathy and lethargy. Careless oversights and corruptions spread among the whole civilization...