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        In a kingdom, there was once a gentle and humble king. Under his reign, the kingdom was prosperous. Until one night, while he was observing the stars, he was struck by an unknown flash. That was the moment Arrogant Angeloid entered his body.

        “No one can match you. Build the greatest kingdom ever!” A voice rung out within the king’s head.

        Soon after, the king sent his army to invade other countries. As his kingdom was the largest in the vicinity, the king easily won.

        “No! No! That’s not enough! I am the greatest king ever!” Looking at the map in his hands, the king believed one day, he would take possession of every piece of land on it.

         The men in the kingdom were all recruited into the army. Although the kingdom expanded vastly after conquering the countries around it, the battles claimed the lives of many soldiers. The kingdom levied heavy taxes on its people for military purposes; everyone lived in hardship, their bodies left as thin as rails. However, the king remained within the luxurious palace, ignoring the hardship of his people.

        “Pass down my decree! The western conquest shall commence today!” The king waved his hand as he delivered his order. He was sitting on his throne, while the queen was slowly feeding him with valuable bird nest soup.

        A group of bureaucrats immediately knelt down in hopes of dissuading the king. None could understand why their king’s temperament had reversed one year ago, becoming extremely arrogant and overbearing. They could not stand the king’s decision to constantly provoke wars with and antagonize their neighbors. This caused the irreversible deterioration of the kingdom.

        “There’s no land I cannot conquer!” roared the king; previous victories had filled him with confidence.

        However, the previous battles had already exhausted the kingdom’s military forces. Soon, the royal city was besieged by the enemy.

        “The rival state has broken into the gate. If we capture you, we may still be saved!” The king’s soldiers marched into the palace, surrounding the king.

        “You self-indulgent fool! Handing you over will be our salvation!” The mocking faces of the soldiers were sardonic; they no longer wanted to be sacrificed for the king’s desires.

        The soldiers tied up the king and carried him to enemy’s camp. However, he was still yelling; “Listen to me! This country will soon be mine!”

        The enemy kept the king in prison, as they waited for his execution date. The king remained arrogant and he kept telling other prisoners: “Follow me! Kneel before me! I can lead you out of here!” He had not realised that his authority came from his throne. Now, the people by his side were no longer his officials. Hearing such arrogance, the jailors took the chance to mercilessly beat him.

        The king was finally sent the gallows, a noose looped around his neck. He could not believe what he saw: his queen was leaning on the enemy king! Together, they sat on the viewing deck, waiting for the king’s execution.

“My queen... You must miss me so much that... You would do anything to see me...right?” These were his last words.

         “Useless scum.” Arrogant Angeloid flew out from the corpse, searching for another host in which he could live.