“Humph! You wicked monsters. Watch me finish you off like I would kill a bear!” Holding a hunting knife and a trap, a hunter went into the forest alone.

        Not long ago, a monster-couple came to live in the forest. Almost every day, the husband would raid the village to hunt the residents. The threat caused great trepidation among the villagers, who had already moved from place to place several times to escape its endless pursuit. However, in order to earn a living, the villagers must inevitably enter the forest. They would go into the forest in a team; yet, every time, they would at least suffer one casualty from monster attacks.

        This time, the villagers had moved close to a huntsman. When he found out about the monsters, he volunteered to rid the scourge of the people. Trailing the monsters tracks, he swiftly located their habitat. He then spotted the monster wife taking an afternoon nap not far from the cave.

        The hunter stealthily approached it, and stabbed the unprepared monster in its head with his knife. Blood splashed all over his body. After some work, he finished setting a trap combing the monster wife’s body with his snares. Then, he hid behind a tree, awaiting the husband in silence.

        ‘This huntsman should have enough courage, for he is capable of killing even a monster...’ The four-winged Fearful Angeloid transformed into a blue light sphere and floated towards the hunter. The hunter’s attention focused entirely on the trap, did not realize that a blue floating sphere had already entered his body. At that moment, the brave hunter suddenly became unusually nervous with sweat running down his forehead. He started to feel a cramp-like pain in his stomach, while his heart was inundated with “fear”. The rustles of leaves surrounded him seemed to be infinitely amplified. The sound of wind blowing through the leaves felt like a tornado swirling inside his mind. He instinctively thought that every sound he heard emanated from the monster. Unable to wait any longer, the hunter stumbled out of the monsters’ habitat. Yet, the husband returned at that moment. When he saw his wife’s body, he gave a moaning howl that resounded through the whole forest. The hunter was stunned by the loud howl. With all strength draining away from his legs, he had to crawl on all fours to flee the forest.

        The hunter finally escaped back to the village after much hardship. Just when he thought he was safe, the husband monster had arrived just behind him, having tracked the scent of blood on his body!

        “Growl—!” The monster vented his grief and rage from losing his beloved on the villagers. Dozens of lives in the village was lost in a wink.

        Fearful Angeloid flew out of the chaotic and devastated village, muttered, ‘Another one dead... it’s so horrible... What should I do? I need more courage to drive my fear away...’

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