“You should apologize.” The woman calmly told her son. Just now, her son had been playing with other children; upon seeing the other child taking so much joy in playing with his own toy, the son snatched it from him. The other child protested; therefore, the son started a fight with him.

        “...but, he also pushed me!” The son refused to give in.

        “How would you feel if somebody snatched your toy away from you?” The woman was not angry, and continued her patient guidance.

        The son fell silent for a while, then slowly said, “I am sorry.” The woman contentedly smiled, and gently patted her son’s head. She believed that if she continued to teach him, her son would become an independent and sensible man some day.

        Just then, Indulgent Angeloid, with numerous iron chains in hand, transformed into a green light sphere and squeezed into her body. When the woman recovered from the sudden change, the look in her eyes became totally different. Abruptly, she slapped the child who had already forgiven her son.

        The child bursted into tears with a loud wail, while the woman exploded in anger, “Anyone who offends my son will suffer!”

        The mother promptly slapped herself. “It’s my fault! Mommy didn’t protect you from harm!”

        Looking bewilderedly at his mother, the son could not tell right from wrong.

        The woman changed into a completely different person. She would satisfy every whim of her son; she let him spend lavishly, and would resolve all the difficulties for him. Eventually, even the son himself agreed with his mother— this is the proper way of expressing love. He became arrogant, selfish and willful.

        Later, the woman suffered from terminal illness; she was on her death bed.

        “You have to listen to everything I say! I forbid you to die!” The son held her mother’s hand tight.

        Despite pain throughout her body, the woman was touched and bursted into tears, for her son would finally stay with her forever as she had wish. She was so content that she forgot the torment of illness. Yet, this drained away every last drop of her energy.

        “What can I eat? How do I go out by myself? Who is going to earn money for me?” Losing his mother, the son was unable to fend for himself. He hugged his mother’s cooling body, and locked himself in the room. He simply waited to depart from this life with his mother who belonged solely to him.

        As the woman drew her last breath, Indulgent Angeloid slipped out of her body. She was awash in satisfaction and contentment. She stayed until the son joined his mother as well, and then she tranquilly left, looking for another person who was eager for “love”...

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