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        Countless enemy troops camped outside the city wall, waiting for a critical moment to invade. The city wall was splattered with all kinds of marks from the previous battles. The two forces had been at war for quite a long time. Other than the army, there were also many residents inside the city. The soldiers had been fighting relentlessly just to protect these citizens. They had heard that reinforcements would arrive soon and therefore, everyone was holding the fort desperately, awaiting that day.

        ‘This war ends once our reinforcements arrive.’ The general thought to himself. Alone in the room, he was carefully studying nearby landscapes and all the pathways on the map.

        Suddenly, a bright flare floated into the room through the window, transforming into a flaming corporeal form right before the general’s eyes. He was startled, but Reckless Angeloid had swooped into his body before he could call for help. He felt a scorching heat coming out from the bottom of his heart as if his body and soul were burning in a raging fire... Struggling in pain, he kept slamming into walls and furniture around him until he exhausted himself, and then falling into subconsciousness.

        The pained moans of the general caught the attention of guards stationed nearby. Immediately, they rushed towards his room and repeatedly knocked on the door to no avail. Therefore, they could only kick down the door and break into the room where they found their general subconscious on the floor. They hurried forward to check on his injuries. Yet, to their surprise, the general slowly woke with just a tap on his shoulder.

        “General, are you alright?”

        Paying no attention to the soldiers’ concern, he strode over to look at the map; then, he swiped everything off the desk and laughed hysterically, his face buried in his hands...

        “Open the city gate! Let’s fight our way out and wipe out our enemies!” The general picked up the sword beside him even as he was speaking to the soldiers. Then, he rushed straight out of the room, the soldiers hurriedly followed behind him.

        “But, did you not tell us to wait for reinforcements, so we can attack together in a united strike?

        “Humph! We can easily win on our own!”

        The general had always been a rational and intelligent person. The soldiers did not notice anything abnormal with him for they believed that their general already had a plan. Therefore, under the general’s order, they opened the gate and rushed out of the city to fight their enemy...

        “For victory!” At that moment, all the general could think about was annihilating the enemy. His rationality had already been consumed by recklessness.

        The two armies clashed. Then, one after another, the general’s men fell, dead. At last, he was the sole remnant of his army, fighting alone. Encircled by his enemies, the general, numerous swords stabbed in his body, finally collapsed. With his last breath, he witnessed with his own eyes the enemy troops advancing straight into the city and slaughtering all the defenseless civilians.

        As his eyes dulled and his focus lost, the general drew his last breath. Only when he died did the Reckless Angeloid leisurely floated out of his body. Grinning eerily, the Angeloid wore a look of content. Then he soared to the sky, looking for his next suitable target...