Beneath the surface, there was an abandoned, gloomy underground city where once prospered; the steady air was blended with an irritating scent. Behemoth the gigantic beast curled up its body, lying on this pile of deadly ruins. It was mumbling anxiously as if haunted by nightmare.

        In the dream, Behemoth was cornered by few figures in a suffocating darkness. The threatened beast growled aggressively with its body stiffened.

        “Kill...kill them all! Only by killing the Eldus, we can return to those good old days——”

        A cold touch was sent from behind, bringing back the rationality of Behemoth. Turning around, it saw a machina who was smiling warmly at it——That was Pompeii, Behemoth’s best friend and also the leader of this city.

        “You’re not a beast of bloodlust, Behemoth. You have a tender heart.”

        “Pompeii, you said I was...tender?” Pompeii’s word brightened Behemoth up to smile, but its hope was shattered together with Pompeii standing in front of it, leaving only his head.

        “Pompeii! No!” Behemoth cried in agony.

        “Beh-Behemoth...Please...Guard Monesis...and the city entrance…” Leaving his last words, Pompeii’s head then sank into darkness.

        Worse still, few broken beasts appeared following the perishing of Pompeii——its fellows that had already breathed their last.

        “Behemoth, I’m done.”
        “Consume us, the glory of our kind.”
        “Recover your strength and kill the Eldus for me!”

        “No...NOOOOOO——!” Unable to bear the tremendous guilt, Behemoth woke up from its nightmare with a deafening howl.

        “Guard...the entrance...Something’s...coming…” With its hearing sharpened, Behemoth caught some vague footsteps, leading it to three visitors. It took a leap to arrive in the middle of their way.


        Delta, a feminine-type machina of the three visitors, rushed forward and yelled, “Behemoth! It’s me, Delta! Wake up!”

        “I...hate...Kill!” The hysterical Behemoth ignored the call of Delta. As it conjured the power, few magic circles appeared, cloning the beast into three. Then all three of Behemoths pounced on Delta together.

        “Whoa——” The startled Delta tripped; just when she was about to get hit, a calm voice sounded, “heroic spirit, please answer my call and summon elements to protect us!”

        Following the voice, two purple figures appeared out of nowhere. They opened a light shield to protect Delta from the incoming Behemoths.

        “Hey Delta, you aren’t dead yet, are you,” asked Sonata, a hooded elf, who helped Delta get back on her feet.

        “Don’t curse me! I won’t be dead before I bring my fellows back——”

        “Hey! Stop quarreling over there! Com and help me before I collapse!” Summoner who was going against Behemoth yelled.

        Creck! The elemental shield of the heroic spirits started cracking. Summoner shifted his focus back on the defense.

        “ROAR——! Kill...intruders!” Behemoth howled again while applying more pressure onto Summoner.

        “Urgh——!” Summoner eventually lost in the wrestling; the shield was crushed and the heroic spirits faded. Behemoth seized the chance, attempting to swallow him——

        “Zana the ancestor of elves, please guide the lost soul with your song!” A song was played following Sonata’s words.

        Behemoth was frozen immediately when it heard the tune; meanwhile, Delta dragged Summoner to a safe place.

        “This is...Zana’ Die you intruders——AHHH!”

        The effect of the song worn out very soon; Behemoth went maniac again, shouting while pressing against its head. As it shouted, an enormous amount of light element was drawn, magnifying the beast and the clones.

        “Oh no. This is bad. The more light element it absorbs, the stronger it is. We must finish it before it finishes all of us!” Sonata ran to Summoner and urged.

        “Behemoth isn’t a monster! We can’t kill it!” Delta opposed emotionally; Summoner nodded and said, “Delta is right. It’s not a monster, but a poor beast defeated by despair. Let’s wake it up together!

        “You...Ugh. Alright,” said Sonata reluctantly. “What do we do now?”

        “First, we trap it and the clones. So,” Summoner said as he patted Sonata’s shoulder, “you’ll be the bait.”


        “Intruders...Where are the intruders...Bingo!” The squinted Behemoth stared at Sonata and pounced together with the clones, as if a predator found its prey.

        “Kill...Kill them all!” The overexcited Behemoth overlooked Delta lurking nearby. The moment it stepped into their trap, Delta conjured fire at Behemoth. Instead of blasting the beast, the fire formed a barrier to isolate it from the clones.

        Despite the struggle of Behemoth and the clones, countless dark elemental vines were conjured to tighten their restrains.

        A hooded figure approached slowly and raised his wand, which was shining a soothing light.

        “Behemoth, you’re kind and tender. Because of what you are, the sorrow and despair you feel are deeper than anyone else whenever there’s a tragedy…”

        Standing firm in front of the struggling Behemoth, Summoner shouted with his loudest voice, “but don’t be defeated by it! Wake the hell up!”

        Summoner threw away his wand and headbutted between Behemoth’s eyes!

        “WHOAAAA———” As Behemoth let out a grieving howl, tears dropped from its eyes.

        “Tender...Pompeii...Right, I ain’t a monster of bloodlust…” When the eyes of Behemoth regained focus, Summoner unleashed its restrain.

        At this moment, Delta ran over to hug Behemoth tight. “I’m sorry, Behemoth... You suffer because of us…” Delta wept.

        “It’s neither you nor Pompeii’s fault. I made my own choice…” Behemoth comforted Delta, stroking her with its paw. Then it turned to Summoner and said, “The destiny child with incredible power, enlighten me. What happened to this realm when I was lost in bloodlust? Why is the element flowing abnormally?”

        “It’s all because of the wicked gods,” said an owl descended on Summoner’s shoulder. It was Glauox, the companion of Summoner.

        “They’ve put all lives at risk and extracted the elements of this realm, just to construct a world for them. It took so much effort of Summoner and the others to defeat Khaos the lord of all gods. But then the drained elements flew back at once, causing a turmoil to this realm.”

        Summoner nodded and said, “then we’re guided to seek resolution under the surface. That’s why Glauox and I came to the entrance——”

        “And then Summoner saved me and Delta at the city entrance! We joined up because we’re heading to the underground too!” Sonata cut in excitedly.

        Staring at Sonata, Behemoth said, “you’re...Zana’s...”

        “Great great great great great...Eh, her descendant anyway.”

        “So it has been a long time…” The sentimental Behemoth looked around itself.

        “Thank you for waking me up, the great Summoner. Please set them free. You have my all blessings.”

        As Behemoth surged its power, the two clones dissolved into light element and returned to the ruins.

        Suddenly, a huge noise came out of nowhere. Quick footsteps began to make them nervous. Soon god soldiers had caught up with Summoner to the underground!

        “Can’t believe they can make it here...But I won’t give in easily, heroic spirits——Huh? Behemoth, why are you standing in the way?”

        “I need to honour my promise to Pompeii, never letting anyone hurt Monesis. You human, inferior and powerful, I have faith in your potential. Summoner, please, carry on with Delta, to where Pompeii is asleep.”

        “Thank you...Behemoth…” Delta was moved.

        “Go!” With the urge of Behemoth, Summoner and the others continued advancing; Behemoth looked at the back of Summoner with glitters in its eyes.

        “Pompeii, this is what you’ve taught me...something apart from killing…”

        “It’! Let’s fight everyone!” The leading god soldier suppressed his fear and commanded the troops to attack.

        “Humph, a bunch of fools! I won’t let any filthy beings taint this place!”

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