Attribute relation applies to attacks from the enemy
Each team member that is of the weakness attribute of the enemy, will increases the enemies' attack with 40% to the max +200%
Family Heart
Name Attribute Stamina Rounds Exp
Unfair Duel SI019 15 3 1125
Homeland Defense SI018 15 4 1125
Reckless Command SI016SI017SI018 15 4 1125
Loki & Freyr Together SI018SI020 25 5 2500
Void of the Realm StagesAge of Heroic Spirits
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Special Stages

First time clearance is rewarded with Diamond x1

Unfair Duel

Stamina 15 Battle 3 Exp 1125 (75 / Stm)
Wave Monster Attack CD HP Defence Loot Note
1 Waveskill: Ws1010 1 Electrified Rune
1 837i Guard of Lightshield


2(2) 862,453 3120 No
837i Guard of Lightshield


2(1) 862,453 3120 No
837i Guard of Lightshield


2(2) 862,453 3120 No
2 Waveskill: Ws1010 2 Electrified Runes
2 838i Guard of Sacredshield


2(2) 3,629,840 7420 No SI250 Initial Shield
838i Guard of Sacredshield


2(1) 3,629,840 7420 No SI250 Initial Shield
3 Waveskill: Ws1010 3 Electrified Runes
3 509i Thor of Fulmination


1(1) 8,145,630 20260 No SI254SI124SI188 Enchanted Shield · Uncontrollable · Trojan EX

【Enter Battle】
1563iHel the Morale of All: Uncle Odin!
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Hel! Long time no see. You look Gorgeous! How are you getting along with Fenrir?
510iLoki the Everlasting Sinner: Hel, I've got something important to discuss with Odin. Play with Fenrir outside, okay?
Hel nodded and moved to the other side of the camp. Loki and Odin stayed in the tent, while the Summoner followed Hel and Fenrir to hang around the camp. Afterwards, they visited Freyr and Freyja.
1563iHel the Morale of All: Father and Odin keep many secret from me. Summoner, do you know why?
Void Summoner Head : Hm...I don't, but I'm sure your father always wants the best for you. That's all that matters.
The Summoner and Hel walked to the entrance of Freyr's tent and saw Freyja crying as she ran out of the door flap. Freyr called her name several times, trying to get her back to no avail. The Summoner and Hel went after her from the camp to a forest.
Void Summoner Head : Freyr is going to fight Thor after all, even without Lævateinn...
1025iFreyja the Lamentation Whisperer: Yes...but I won't return it to him anyway. Thor might cancel the competition if he knew he lost his sword.

【Meet BOSS】
On the stage, Thor held his hammer of god on one side, while Freyr clutched an ordinary sword on the other. Thunder descended upon the hammer of god, as if mocking Freyr...
509iThor of Fulmination: Where's your Lævateinn? I don't think that toy has a chance against my hammer.
1022iTriumphant General - Freyr: My strength is inside me, not Lævateinn! I don't need it to defeat you!

【Defeated BOSS】
Without Lævateinn, Freyr was no match for Thor. His iron sword vanished into dust after blocking a single hit from Thor's hammer, leaving him unarmed, but he continued to fight with his bare fists.
He dodged Thor's attacks easily, but he could not get close enough to attack.
After a few turns, Freyr was hit bu Thor's thunder. As Thor was about to deal a final blow to Freyr, a soldier ran up to him nervously...
Demon spirit Soldier: We're in big trouble! The demons invaded the Vanir and Aesir while our leaders were away!

Homeland Defense

Stamina 15 Battle 4 Exp 1125 (75 / Stm)
Wave Monster Attack CD HP Defence Loot Note
071i Crowned Flower Elf


1 964,158 1720
1010i Ghoul


1 730,588 3080
1528i Leafy Helmet Gnome


3 583,039 2790
4 Waveskill: Ws1005 Earth Lock - Recovery -100%
4 1123i Foul Dragon of Corrupting Maggots


1(1) 7,650,290 9820 No SI228 Sticky Trail EX

【Enter Battle】
Demon spirit Soldier: We're in big trouble! The demons invaded the Vanir and Aesir while our leaders were away!
1022iTriumphant General - Freyr: W-what? Not now!
509iThor of Fulmination: They knew about our competition! It was not a coincidence!
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Cancel the competition! We're heading back! Go back and defend your homeland!
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: I'm reinforcing Aesir. I'll leave Vanir to you!
510iLoki the Everlasting Sinner: Okay. Hel, Summoner, we've got to go!

【Meet BOSS】
Together with the Summoner and Loki, Freyr led his army back to the Vanirian camp after knowing the demons had launched an invasion.
As they got closer to their tribe, a burning smell came along the wind. Ahead were corpses everywhere.
Some were demons'; some were unrecognisable due to severely burnt faces. They knew those burnt corpses were once Vanir soldiers, but no one said anything. Everyone focused on search and rescue...
Void Summoner Head : Please...! Hold on a bit longer!
Void Summoner Head : Why is the ground so sticky? I'm stuck!

【Defeated BOSS】
Freyr's army marched to their town and found Vanir completely surrounded by the demon army outside the walls! An intense battle was about to begin. Freyja had no option but to return Lævateinn to Freyr...
1025iFreyja the Lamentation Whisperer: Brother...I'm sorry...
1022iTriumphant General - Freyr: You... It was you who stole Lævateinn!

Reckless Command

Stamina 15 Battle 4 Exp 1125 (75 / Stm)
Wave Monster Attack CD HP Defence Loot Note
1006i Water Demon


0 432,862 580
1008i Zombie


3 417,329 960
1526i Frosty Helmet Gnome


3 562,974 2630
1527i Fiery Helmet Gnome


3 549,826 2580
1 508i Freyja the Solace Whisperer


1(1) 100 10 No SI006SI161 7 Rounds Water Attack x2 ‧ Kamikaze 100%
4 Waveskill: Ws1003 6 Locked Bombs - 20% HP Reduction
4 581i Rook of Draconic Frost


4(4) 9,373,490 5890 No SI251 Phantom
582i Pawn of Draconic Blaze


1(1) 2,587,890 5660 No SI122 Lockdown

【Enter Battle】
1022iTriumphant General - Freyr: You... It was you who stole Lævateinn!
As Freyja handed Lævateinn to Freyr, rang ran through his veins. He could not believe the lost Lævateinn had been stolen by his own sister.
He could have had a chance against Thor in the competition; he could have become the leader of the Northern Alliance... Fury and shame drove him to raise his hand. He was about to slap Freyja, but Loki seized his wrist.
510iLoki the Everlasting Sinner: She was trying to protect you. Don't you understand her feelings? Anyhow, we're running out of time.
Freyr clutched Lævateinn and commanded the remaining soldiers to fight back.
All Vanirian soldiers raised their weapons and charged into the demons, who were trying to break through the gate! Freyr had come back earlier than the demons had expected, making it a surprise raid.

【Meet BOSS】
The battlefield became a scene of chaos. The demon army suffered severe damage from Freyr's raid, but the remaining demons still outnumbered them by far!
The Vanirian soldiers were exhausted by this prolonged battle, but the demons were still swarming at the gate.
Freyr went ahead of the frontline and swung his sword, and a row of waterspouts churned across the demons. Freyr used the waterspouts as cover as he blazed through the battlefield.
1022iTriumphant General - Freyr: Everyone, charge with me! It's a good timing to wipe them out all at once!
Void Summoner Head : 'They way he fights... It's ruthless...'
581iRook of Draconic Frost and 582iPawn of Draconic Blaze: Guess you've lived enough!

【Defeated BOSS】
Freyr did not think as he led all of his soldiers towards the centre of the demons, using his waterspouts as cover.
510iLoki the Everlasting Sinner: I have a bad feeling...
Void Summoner Head : Loki, focus on the fight!
As Freyr had his full attention on the enemies ahead, several demon soldiers sneaked up on him...

Loki & Freyr Together

Stamina 25 Battle 5 Exp 2500 (100 / Stm)
Wave Monster Attack CD HP Defence Loot Note
075i Mystic Night Elf


1 939,352 1750
1014i Skelesoldier


1 420,589 390
1530i Nighty Helmet Gnome


3 552,432 2620
1 508i Freyja the Solace Whisperer


1(1) 100 10 No SI067SI161 7 Rounds God Attack x2 ‧ Kamikaze 100%
3 1415i Brutal Skeleton Butcher


2(2) 4,216,350 4720 No SI014 All Light Shield
1415i Brutal Skeleton Butcher


2(1) 4,216,350 4720 No SI014 All Light Shield
5 1125i Evil Dragon of Ancient Scale


1(1) 10,825,630 20100 No SI124SI224SI250 Uncontrollable ‧ 6 Initial & 2 Random Masked Runes ‧ Self Attribute Damage -90%

【Enter Battle】
As Freyr was distracted by the enemies ahead, several demon soldiers sneaked up on him and slashed at him! In a blink of the eye, Freyja stood behind Freyr and took the slash for him.
1022iTriumphant General - Freyr: Freyja!
Freyr wrapped her in his arm immediately ans swept the demons around them with Lævateinn.
1025iFreyja the Lamentation Whisperer: ...Brother... Are you hurt...?
1022iTriumphant General - Freyr: I'm fine! I'm fine! You shouldn't have done that!
1025iFreyja the Lamentation Whisperer: We are family... We're meant to protect each other...

【Meet BOSS】
Vanirian soldiers fell down one after another. The situation was getting worse by every minute. As the Summoner raised his cards trying to summon the heroic spirits, Loki stopped him.
510iLoki the Everlasting Sinner: You know you'll faint if you use too much mana, right? I don't want a burden on the field.
Void Summoner Head : But...
510iLoki the Everlasting Sinner: We don't need your help yet. Freyr and I are more capable than you could imagine.

【Defeated BOSS】
Loki gathered dark elemental power and created a giant energy ball above him. The next thing the Summoner knew, all of the demons lay prone on the ground, as if something was crushing them.
510iLoki the Everlasting Sinner: Freyr! Now!
1022iTriumphant General - Freyr: Got it!
Water element wrapped Lævateinn as Freyr swung it towards the demons, and a row of waterspouts appeared and combined into a towering waterspout, which then churned over all of the demons and swallowed them.
A rainbow arc hung in the sky after the water and dark elements vanished. The Vanir had survived the great invasion.

VRAchievement Complete Loki & Freyr Together 1 times

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