Lynx retaliated on humans and freed herself by her pretty appearance and intelligence, earning the attention of Khaos. It was Lynx’s first time to feel its insignificance when it was brought to the temple and saw Khaos in person. But still, Lynx suppressed the fear to think about how to fight back and escape. Then Khaos opened the cage and reached out. Lynx avoided him intentionally to lure him getting closer. Once Khaos leaned close enough to the cage, Lynx scratched his eye with her sharp claws, making him groan in pain and closing his eyes. With this great opportunity, Lynx took the time and ran away as far as she could. Yet a gigantic palm trapped her again before she could go far away. And Khaos never let go no matter how hard Lynx struggled, pulling her close to him.

        Khaos only needed a little harder grip and he could squeeze the life out of Lynx. With this drastic difference in power, shouldn’t Lynx feel inferior of him? Instead, Lynx’s mind was all about resisting and defying, and this was the part that intrigued Khaos the most.

        “You, a tiny kitty, are not afraid of me? Interesting!”

        A violet haze leaked from Khaos’s body to wrap Lynx up. Despite her fierce struggle, the haze still slipped into her body. Then she felt a powerful energy surging in her blood, within her veins. Once she had done absorbing the haze, Khaos released Lynx and she landed with a “bang”! Standing with two feet, the chaotic power had transformed Lynx into human form. The amazed Lynx looked at her changes…

        “This is incredible! Is it because of your power?” Lynx asked as she looked at Khaos, and he nodded with a smile.

        “Woohoo! Awesome!” The thrilled Lynx ran and jumped around as if she was new to this world. When she attempted to conjure the energy flowing within, a violet translucent claws appeared out of nothing!

        “Don’t you afraid that I’ll kill you and leave?”

        “You won’t and you can’t.”

        Lynx was confused by Khaos’s answer, but she knew what it meant once Khaos slightly turned his wrist. The energy started draining out and she gradually returned to her original cat form, standing with 4 feet and unable to speak. Khaos didn’t put the chaotic power back into Lynx until she begged Khaos with the look in agony.

        “I ain’t taking the power back as long as you behave.”

        “I’ll do whatever you say.”

        Lynx tried to please Khaos by acting cute, but all she got in return was being pushed away. Khaos made a wormhole with his chaotic power; Inside, she saw Orion and two dogs.

        “I’ll believe in your loyalty if you can kill this man.”

        “A piece of cake,” Lynx took the offer and left the temple.

        Lynx came to the doorstep of a cabin in the woods, smearing her body with some red juice. Then she laid on the ground and moaned to pretend that she was severely injured. Very soon, her disguise successfully lured Orion out of the cabin. Despite the fact that his dogs had figured out her vicious intention, Orion still fell for her scheme completely; Lynx almost laughed out loud when Orion carried her inside the cabin and shut the dog outside. Once Orion transfused his power to Lynx, she pretended to be feeling better, waiting for a good chance to kill him.

        At this moment, Orion was standing in front of Lynx, talking to his dogs; And Lynx revealed her deep purple claws and sneaked to Orion’s back, assassinating him. Her razor-sharp claws stabbed Orion in the back, penetrating through his chest. Looking at the fooled Orion and the shocked looks of the dogs, Lynx burst into laughter, but she also couldn’t comprehend the grief of the dogs. To Lynx, it was just some human’s death. So she made some sarcasms before running back to the temple.

        “So? Do you believe in my loyalty now?” Lynx asked and grinned.

        “You’ve just taken down one target. And this is how much your loyalty worth?” Khaos smirked and threw the question back to her.

        “Khaos then drew another wormhole, which showed a man in black armor and black cape. That was John the Court of Cancer, holding a scroll tight and sneaking out of the temple.

        “He has threatened us the gods’ existence. If you can eliminate him, your loyalty will be more trustworthy.”

        “I’m counting on it then,” Lynx winked at him and left.

        Lynx thought that this assassination would be as easy as the last one, but it had been costing her a lot of time and still not even a clue was found. When she was searching through the realm, she sensed a familiar energy nearby. Heading towards it, she found a bizarre machine extracting enormous fire elemental power. Just when Lynx was puzzled by it, footsteps approached, startling her to hide in somewhere. Hiding under the machine, Lynx spied at the incoming person closely.

        “Cygnus’s intel is right. Looks like the only way to stop the gods from extracting elemental power is destroying the five element-mining machines,” a male said. Peeking outside stealthily, Lynx had an unexpected earning—— the incoming man was John the Court of Cancer! It seemed that John didn’t realize her presence, so Lynx tailed him carefully, waiting to prey on him. She swiftly climbed onto a tree while he was sinking into deep thinking and looking at a piece of ice. When the target reached under the tree, she instantly jumped to his back with her purple sharp claws!

        “Let’s play!” Lynx said while she climbed on John. But John grabbed and threw her to a tree before she could kill him. Although Lynx was startled by John’s aggressive action, she still treated everything as a game like they were playing hide and seek. Night time was a friend to Lynx. She had the advantage of night vision, so she kept coming at John’s blind spots, pushing him to crouch for defense. Just when Lynx thought she had triumphed the fight, John stood up in a sudden, grabbing her hands at once; She tried to kick him, but her action had gotten herself tied up.

        “Who are you? Did Khaos send you?” John asked coldly.

        Lynx faked her disguise with John’s question, making a pathetic face. “If I don’t follow what he said, he will kill me. I didn’t want this either…”

        “Hmm…Is that so?” John obviously didn’t buy her saying, but he didn’t want to kill her without any proof. Seeing his hesitation, Lynx made an even sadder look, trying to fool him; But still his cautiousness kept him from cutting her lose. Instead of setting her free, he carried her on his shoulder and moved on.

        “Let’s see if you’re really that innocent like you said!”

        Lynx didn’t reply. Fleeing wasn’t an option for her anymore. Looking at the bizarre ice inside John’s bag, she was finding a way to escape and kill this loathing creature.

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