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        Sometimes, the Great Mage would dive into his distant memories. He always delved into it, hoping that he could find the reason behind everything he did.

        “Magic is powerful because it’s not actually our own power.”

        In the past, he taught young students in the magic academy. There were less than ten people in his little classroom. After all, the mysterious nature of magic scared off many; the precious ingredients in magic potions drained resources... Still, the mage tried his best to teach, in the hope that the knowledge of magic could help the girls survive the chaos.

        “We have never been the rulers of the land. Humans were neither the first creatures born in this world, nor the most powerful race of all. The sole reason we have arrogantly proclaimed our civilization has lasted myriad generations is actually attributable to our trivial existence. The stone tablets has clearly recorded that the Primordial Dragons has left many traces of their existence after their creation of the world. The ancient humans used these traces of the dragons to summon its power, and even used it to build Enochian Tower—”

        “But the tower is broken, ” a student replied.

        “Yes, it is. In the previous lesson, we talked about the reason why the Gods broke the tower into two... But the tower has not fallen, its upper half remains levitated. On the broken floor there was numerous floating frames of doors. Although no one has been to the top of the tower, we all know the power of Enochian Tower never diminished. The fragments of the broken tower scattered throughout the land, bringing us a new source of pneuma and an enormous power—”

        “Power. ”The mage had left his memories. “Did I do all these for power?”

        Faugn did not answer. The gigantic dragon was lying eyes closed inside a crater. Numerous glowing runes were burnt on its dark purple scales. Its limbs were locked in ice pillars; its body tethered by magical chains; its lower extremities buried by boulders. In such conditions, the Ethereal Dragon could not even roar.

        “Maybe I’m right... I came here for your power, didn’t I?” The long-robed mage reached out to the dragon with his right hand that consisted only of bones which were covered with cracks. Holding onto the joint of the dragon’s wing, he murmured a spell with which he tore it off with his bare hand. The torn wing then melted into a fluid, which was immediately absorbed into the magic circle on the mage’s palm. The contact with fluid sealed the cracks on the bones, and a thin film of flesh even began growing.

        “In the past, you descended because of my summons. I am well within reason as I take your power.”

        The mage approached Faugn and touched the Ethereal Dragon with his other hand of bone.