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        ‘—Today, we can finally control the Primordial Dragons!’ The wizard’s pen danced excitedly as he wrote the letter. Although his body was fractured and trembling, the power of his magic spells sustained his life, so that he could record all these with vigor. ‘In the future, we would merge with the Ethereal Dragons to fight Gods and Demons with the ancient power!’

        He successfully summoned the Dracospirits according to his past experience, and directed them into the bodies of children to create Dragon Spiritors who could hopefully control the Ethereal Dragons. The power of the kids had gone beyond his expectation so that the mage could not wait to tell his friends. After sealing the letter, he called out his servant to send the letter, but the wizard he hired hurried to him, saying that they had figured out the location of Faugn. The mage’s eyes sparked as he heard the news for that he believed that he had finally found the power which enabled humans to fight a even match against Gods and Demons after spending his whole life searching. However, he didn’t know that the wizards did not tell him all of the truth. They concealed the fact that the Dragon Spiritors had gone berserk and the wizards coveted the findings of the Great Mage—

        “I once thought that I have mastered the knowledge, but it turns out I have never mastered any power.” Since the moment when the mage connected himself to Faugn. he had realized his ending— the mighty Faugn would swallow the tiny mage.

        In the past, the mage seldom forgot. At that time, he had a clear mind. He could remember every memorable moment in his life, such as the day he found his magical talent, they day he was praised by his teacher, the day he finally become a mage who was on his own... But now, there were only marks of all those incidents in his brain. He knew that they had happened, but he could not remember any details of them. He was clear about the reason: he had to empty his brain to remember more knowledge, so he had no choice but to give up his memories. Because of this, whenever he recalled his past, he would delve into it, hoping to find the reason for him to do what he did from his memories.

        “I looked for the power of the Elder Gods in order to drive away the Gods and Demons, but now I am swallowed by the power and have forgotten my original intention.”

        The mage finally realized why Faugn was silent all the time. The dragon before him was just part of Faugn. Connected to Faugn, the mage could feel that the enormous dragon which was buried in boulders was storing power while sleeping. It was waiting for the last bit of dark elements. Faugn absorbed the mage in a blink. The mage finally lost his power, but regained his consciousness, and he saw the light at the final moment when he was awake.

        “Faugn, will you end all of it?”

        At last, all of the mage was engulfed by the power. When his existence vanished, Faugn opened its eyes—