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        On a moonlit night, a shadow stood at the window. He pulled a letter from his sleeve and threw it into a spacious room. The letter landed into a iron box in the middle of the room…

        The next morning, a rich man read the letter and promptly tore it into shreds. “‘I’m coming to snatch the girl’s heart tonight at twelve. Felix.’ Humph! He must be referring to my ruby ring! All of you, protect my ruby ring with your life! Seal the room off from that filthy thief!” The man placed his ruby ring into an iron box and ordered his guards to lock the doors and windows. He positioned his guards to form a circle surrounding the room and his two confidants next to the front door.

        ‘Felix is a master of disguise...No one walks into the room without my permission!’

        The man sat in the hall and watched the clock tick. Soon, midnight descended as the rich man was snoozing. The carriage clock rang as it reached twelve, and the man was jolted awake by it.. He grabbed his servant and asked nervously, ‘Hey! Did anything happen?’

        ‘No, Sir. Nothing happened.’

        ‘Hm...Felix might’ve given up seeing the high security! Hahaha! Well, we’ve still got to be cautious. Tell everyone to stay on guard until sunrise! I’m going to bed!’

        Escorted by his servant, the man left the hall to his room.

        The clock ticked in the silent night. The man’s guards and confidants stood guard over his ruby ring nervously. Suddenly, rapid footsteps came from outside the room. All of the guards raised their weapons cautiously...To their relief, the footsteps belonged to their master.’

        ‘I had a nightmare. I dreamed Felix stole my ring. Open the door! I need to check it!’

        ‘Copy that.’

        His confidants unlocked the door and stepped aside. The man walked up to the iron box quickly and opened it. The ring lay safely in the box. He smiled brightly, turned around and said, ‘I feel like the ring isn’t safe here. I'm putting it elsewhere! Don’t follow me. One of you could be Felix in disguise!’ ‘But…’ ‘What? Is there a problem? Or you’re actually Felix?’ ‘No!’ The guard leader shut up to avoid arousing further suspicion.

        After the guards watched the man walk away, the leader told everyone to sleep. Right at that moment, the man’s yelling resounded through the corridor, ‘What on earth are you doing? Did I pay you to sleep? Do you want to lose your jobs?’ ‘But sir, you grabbed the iron box and asked us not to follow you minutes ago…’ ‘Are you crazy? I’ve just come to take a look at the situation...This is bad! That was Felix!’

        The man and his guards ran out of the house and saw a masked man holding the iron box on the walls. ‘The girl’s heart is mine now!’ He took off his mask and revealed his handsome face, and then jumped off the walls and rode on a horse. The rich man stomped furiously and ordered his guards to chase after Felix. However, Felix had already disappeared into the desert.

        Felix’s friends brought him back to their airship. They inspected the ruby ring carefully.

        ‘Our job is done, right?’ asked Faust, a Mercenaries member.

        ‘Not until we hand it to our client.’

The airship landed on a village located on a plain. At night, there was only one house with the lights on. Felix carried the ruby ring to that house and climbed through the window. He handed the ring to a girl inside and asked, ‘Is this the ring you’ve been looking for?’ ‘Yes!’ The girl grabbed the ring excitedly and said, ‘It onced belonged to my deceased mother...I thought I’d never have it back. How’d you…’ ‘You don’t have to know. Keep it safe. Tell me if you need us again.’ As Felix turned around, the girl seized his sleeve. ‘ want to….you can stay the night.’ Felix looked at her out of the corner of his eyes and smiled, saying, ‘I never stay for anyone.’ Then he kissed her and left.

        ”What a man! ‘I never stay for anyone.’ I’ve got to note that down!” exclaimed Hong Yue, a Mercenaries member.

        ‘She’s not my type. Come on, let’s go!’ Felix smiled bitterly.

        Back on the airship, Felix returned to his room alone, waiting for his next client. Knock, Knock! ‘Boss! A man called Nightfall Savant is looking for you. He says he’s got a job for you. If you bring him the thing he wants, he’ll grant us whatever we want!’ Hong Yue’s voice came from behind the door.

        Felix opened the door and smiled, saying, ‘Whatever we want? Interesting. Let’s see what he wants from us!’ Hong Yue led Felix to Nightfall Savant. Felix thought it would be an easy job. He had no idea his life was about to change forever…