In the center of the universe, Azathoth shut down its physical senses, sinking its consciousness into the depth of the higher dimension. It had been wandering around in a place where it had nothing but darkness. Soon, Azathoth found what it was yearning for——the being that radiate a soothing energy.
        “Found you!”
        Azathoth opened its vision, moving towards the light. It gathered the overflowing power within, spreading wriggling tentacles to deliver its restless emotion. Next, Azathoth advanced at a superluminal speed to the destination.
        The comets and nebulae that touched Azathoth burnt out as they could not bear the mightiness of Azathoth. No beings could hold its back. And soon it made it; It arrived at an ocean planet composed of thick liquid with green light.
        Observing the planet, Azathoth saw countless microbes squirming in the liquid. To Azathoth, those creatures were worthless weaklings that couldn’t compare with its scales. Yet they were living. All these things repulsed Azathoth.
        “I’m gonna break these dregs!”
        Its restlessness was surging to a critical point. Azathoth opened its red eyes, blasting the planet into half instantly by the power it released.
        Its impudent action had caught something's attention. A shadow lurking somewhere showed up from above and began to dive.
        “Humph, foolish!” Azathoth, who remained unmoved, just flapped its right wing. The tentacles immediately turned into solid, razor-sharp spikes plunging into the shadow. That being did not struggle a bit. Instead, it spread its wings to show a twisted face on its lower body.
        “Die!” The shadow squeezed its face with four hands, spurting some gray liquid full of detor. Azathoth blocked the attack by raising its left arm. The scales sizzled out of corrosion, which started to expand outward.
        The shadow who was Yibb Tstll the follower of Daoloth, broke free from Azathoth with a victory smile.
        “How dare you ruin the land of life. I’ll leave you to rot here, you filthy one!” However, Yibb’s smile distorted by Azathoth’s move——It cut off the left wing without any hesitations.
        “No one can stop me from destroying!” Azathoth turned around gazing at the remnant plant and locking on to the center. “Where is the damn thing… Right there!” it muttered.
        Azathoth couldn't care less about Yibb, and it spread the remaining right wing to the broken planet.
        “No! I won’t let you approach Daoloth!” Yibb wanted to stop it but an incarnadine sphere stepped in——Ghroth, the follower of Azathoth, slobbering at the mouth.
        “You...attacked...Azathoth...I’ll devour you,” the drooling Ghroth said.

        Azathoth ignored the face-off between Yibb and Ghroth, following its own desire towards the warm light.
        “Damn, who, what is it! Why can’t I resist that damn being... can’t suppress it... can’t even stop it…”
        Beclouded by the surging void and lust, Azathoth tore its skin apart with its tentacles; Countless sparkling dark liquid wrap all over its body, boosting the speed even faster. Then, it saw that being —— Daoloth, a light dragon made up of irregular crystals.
        Noticing the gaze, Daoloth raised its head to look Azathoth in the eyes. At that very instant, their consciousness was taken away; and all the senses were filled up by each other.
        “I...I found you, found you, found you!!! Daoloth! The other me in the universe…”
        Azathoth’s destructive mind was filled with joy. But soon a greater void engulfed Azathoth, making it cry.
        “Why...why did you leave me...Damned Daoloth! Unforgivable!”
        The furious Azathoth sped up that it was strong enough to crush a planet, making its way straight towards Daoloth who had no intention to dodge and defend, patiently waiting for its coming.
        When both of them were about to crash into each other, a shadow took it away from the attack in time.
        Covering in plasma, Azathoth rammed into the planet; then the thick, green liquid was all evaporated. The microbes sprinkled in the universe like snowflakes with the flicker of their last shine.
        Despite its vision blocked by a cloud of green mist, Azathoth could still lock on to Daoloth accurately, which was being protected by a humongous creature. When Azathoth wanted to chase it down, they vanished into thin air after a space warp.
        At the same time, a strong sense of drowsiness hit its mind; both physical and mental exhaustion had put Azathoth into a heavy slumber again for the recovery of its strength.
        “I’m coming after you damned Daoloth, and destroy you completely!”
        This was the very first encounter between Azathoth and Daoloth.

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