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        Freyja fell into the embrace of elements. Moved by deep affection for her brother, the elements had created an illusional life in order to fill her emptiness. Freyja’s love, nevertheless, was too strong to be managed, so a profound memory in her past was sculpted to soothe her soul…

        Freyr, her elder brother, lost in the duel with Thor. As a consequence, he was expelled from the tribe. Freyja followed him to Aesir and joined Odin’s army. With Freyr’s valiancy and exceptional strength, he was the illustrious hero among soldiers and soon recognized by Odin with the grant of godly power.

        Benefited by this power, Freyr became the talisman of the army. Since then he had never lost a battle. With splendid exploits, Freyr attracted many secret admirers; All amazons were succumbed to his bravery, but they had to hide the affections because of Freyja’s existence.

        However, these accumulated emotions suppressed would spill out some day. A week after Freyr’s triumphant return, Freyja had been with him all the time, which did not give the amazons even a moment to congratulate on his victory. They began to be discontented with her selfish behavior.

        During the meeting between Freyr and Odin, the amazons captured Freyja and pushed her against the wall violently. One of them trod on the wall and warned her hostilely.

        “I fought with Master Freyr in wars and fought the enemies on the frontline, but where were you? All you know is using your cunning magic to obsess him behind his back. Master Freyr doesn’t need a woman who can’t fight with him side by side! You’ll just drag him down, and I’m the one worthy of him!”

        “How rude of you dare to insult me! You want him? Let’s have a fight then. The loser will pay the price.” Freyja’s anger did not cover her beauty. “You’ll regret this,” she taunted.

        Both of them came to a corner of the base camp. With other amazons as witnesses, the battle began. As a whistle was blown, the amazon drew her sword running to Freyja immediately so that she had no time to cast a spell. Freyja managed to counter the attack, but a cut was already left on her white skin.

        The sword scratched her elbow, then she dropped her weapon. Freyja wanted to pick it up, but was interrupted by the opponent’s attacks. To survive, she had no choice but to dodge reversely.

        “End game. You can’t win this without your weapon,” the amazon said arrogantly while attacking.

        “I’m not gonna give in until my last breath.” Freyja had been trying so hard to win Freyr’s heart, including now.

        “Then I won’t hold back anymore.” The amazon sped up and swung her sword heavily, catching Freyja off guard. She fell on the ground; and the amazon was about to stab her in the chest!

        “Am I gonna lose...I can’t! I can’t lose my love for brother!” Sensing her strong will, earth elements surged within her body and became an armor to counter the attack.

        Freyja concentrated to conjure an earth elemental sword. With a swing, the sword was pointed directly at the amazon’s throat.

        “You lose. Just go. Don’t let me and my brother see you again.”

        “...I haven’t lost yet!” The amazon attacked Freyja who was not seeing this coming. She dodged it, but pain was sent from her left arm——The attack was from another amazon.

        “You...cunning one...” Freyja looked at four more amazons coming over.

        “Humph, die!” With a wink, they attacked against her together. Suddenly, water elements struck, freezing and immobilizing the amazons. Soon, they were turned into ice sculptures before they could ask for help. The person strong enough to use this power was her brother, Freyr.

        “Freyja, are you okay?” Freyr asked worriedly as he ran to her.

        “...Why did you save me? Aren’t you busy at chasing your own victories?”

        “Freyja, you’re my dearest sister. How can I leave you behind?” Then he hugged her gently. “Victory makes me excited. But only you can soothe my heart.”

        Tears welled up in her eyes. She was touched by his love and care. At the same time, Freyja was sad as she knew she would never be the top priority in his heart because of his yearning for victory.

        “Brother, you’re cruel to me. If you can truly leave me behind, I won’t bother to miss you, or drag you down or even stay with you all the time. But...”

        Freyja held him back, leaning on his shoulder. “I love everything of you, even your cruelty,” she whispered with a doleful smile.