DC3086 Name Fire Chakram Pattern
No No. 3086 Rarity 3★ Level Lv. 3
Card Limit 592i 1083i 1084i 2182i
Mode Mode DCmd1 Pattern of Connection Charge Dissolving Fire Runestones
Skill DCsk1 Human Attack increases by 100% for 1 Round. Points Required:2000
DCsk2 Damage will be dealt to enemies regardless of "Quintet Elemental Shield" for 1 Round. Points Required:4500
DCsk3 For 1 Round, Fire Members launch an extra Fire attack as much as 150% of its attack. Points Required:7000
Passive Skill Skill2 1 Extend Runestone-moving time by 1 second(s).
Skill2 2 Active Skill CD of the Monster -1.
Skill2 3 Upon the Round of activation of the Monster's Active Skill, Fire Attack x 1.15.
Stats Bonus HP
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