Since the riot, Duzumi found it difficult to treat foreigners fairly, but he still treated them with leniency according to Atrahasis’s advice. He forgave them for their riot that had inflicted casualties and damage. However, the people did not appreciate his mercy and continued causing trouble in the city…

        Meanwhile, ‘Inanna’ pressed Duzumi to solve the conflict aggressively. Otherwise the people would not recognize who their real leader was. At first Duzumi was hesitated about her suggestion, but he realized every time he pacified them with force, they would remain in peace for a while. He started to think positively about ‘’Inanna’s’’ words.

        One day Inanna helped Duzumi with his work. She sat on Duzumi’s laps and put a finger on his lips, while her other hand stroked his scar from the riot. She said, ‘Their extreme resistance may get us both killed eventually, or the whole city ruined.’ She lay on him and continued, ‘Placation doesn’t work. If it did, they wouldn’t keep causing trouble. Only military pacification will subdue those people. ‘Yes, you’re right.’ ‘Inanna’ put her hands in his clothes. As Duzumi approached his lips to hers, Ninurta broke into the room and hurried Duzumi to the hall. ‘Inanna’ followed Duzumi and whispered, ‘Tut, bad timing.’

        ’Those abominations! They destroyed half of our farms!’ raged Ninurta. This convinced Dumuzi to suppress the rebellion with savage torture. ‘Inanna’ sat on Dumuzi’s lap in front of the public and said, ‘You’re our leader. We must obey your orders, Darling.’ Dumuzi nodded in determination. He could finally unleash his frustration all these years, ‘I declare that we shall suppress the uprising with might! I’ve made up my mind!’ ‘I will spare no effort to help you, Darling.’ ‘’Inanna’s’’ voice was full of worshipful admiration.

        ’Inanna’ sent rioters to the labor camp on behalf of Duzumi, and jail if they retaliated. These brought stronger resistance from the rioters, fighting for their pride and survival. Eventually they rose up to fight Dumuzi’s army. A great deal of blood was spilt in this war. The conflict had gone out of control. It had been a city of harmony, people of different races had united to build it block by block. Now fire swallowed the city up. Everyone ran for their lives...Dumuzi realized he had made an irrecoverable mistake.

        He stepped into the battlefield, trying to talk everyone to their sense, but the rage had carried both sides away. As an axe was about to land upon Dumuzi, a woman pulled him away from the battlefield.

        ’Dumuzi! Pull yourself together! It’s not the end. Don’t give up!’ Dumuzi stared at her, she seemed to be a stranger, but felt so familiar. Her name came out of his mouth, ‘Inanna…’ A tear rolled down her cheek. She smiled radiantly, ‘You promised me that day, right? I wouldn’t be alone even if my lion had left me, because…’ ‘Because I will stay with you forever.’ Dumuzi continued the sentence no one else would have known. They finally reunited, and embraced each other tightly.

        Dumuzi brought Inanna back to the hall. Her imposer was not there. Suddenly a fireball flew at Inanna and burned her up! Inanna had her own face and figure again. Female laughter burst out from the window. They looked and found a strange woman sitting at the window. They raise their weapons towards Chessia, who smiled, ‘It’s not the time to fight me, right?’ She jumped off the window. As Dumuzi immediately jumped on the window after her, but she was already gone.

        Although the rebellion stopped at last, those who survived returned to where they had come from. ‘I’m sorry…’ said Dumuzi in grief. Inanna clasped his hand in silence. He looked at her, and then at his followers. They all held unconditional faith in him.

        In the distance, Chessia enjoyed how Dumuzi had destroyed everything he built. ‘Who’s next?’ She smirked and searched for her next victim...

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