Following Belial’s order, Abadon and Beelzebub arrived at the werelizards’ turf near the volcano. Just as what Belial had described to Abadon, almost the entire area around the volcano was the werelizards’ territory; they could be seen everywhere. Leaving them here would definitely hinder the development of Demons’ dominion.

        Because of the nearby volcano, the place was relatively hot and dry; usual creatures could hardly bear the weather. However, werelizards were born to be capable of living a life in such adversities, and they were all well-built and skillful in fighting; the werelizards were no push-overs.

        Nevertheless, a smile still remained on Abadon’s face. He had always excelled in harnessing fire elemental power. Hot weather was no adversity to him and instead, an advantage. However, Beelzebub had demonstrated fatigue; sweat streamed down her face, and the giant fly in her embrace also appeared to be exhausted. The place was too desolate for even an insect to live, so Abadon told Beelzebub to stay and wait for him. Already rendered half-unconscious by the scorching air, Beelzebub faintly agreed.

        After settling Beelzebub, Abadon neared the werelizards’ stronghold. On a high ground, he planned his route of attack. He looked down onto the stronghold as if it was a map, and drew a course by igniting the air traced by his finger. When he finished contemplating his strategy, the route of fire suddenly vanished. In his hands, a gigantic fireball with ample fire elemental power surfaced.

        Abadon walked to the entrance of the werelizards’ stronghold, and hurled the fireball in his hands at the werelizards. Although the massive explosion immediately killed numerous werelizards, the boom attracted the others’ attention. They hurriedly raised their weapons, and charged at Abadon. The Demon, however, did not show a shred of nervousness. He broke into arrogant laughter; the anticipation for a fierce battle had triggered his desire to fight.

        Abadon channeled his fire elemental power, prompting blazes to leap from his hands and arms. He dashed into the swarm of werelizards, and started a furious combat. Every weapon touching Abadon’s hands was instantly melted; all werelizards hit by his fire power were reduced to ashes. However, to protect their land, the werelizards incessantly charged at him. No matter how long the fight lasted, Abadon did not seem exhausted and instead, the more he fought, the more excited he became...

        In a mere while, Abadon was surrounded by burned werelizard bodies. After confirming his mission was done, Abadon embarked on the journey back with Beelzebub.

        Belial was content with Abadon’s performance. He then assigned Samael the mission to expand Demons’ dominion. However, Belial remained nonchalant over reporting to Baal, prompting suspicion from Abadon...

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