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        The whole place was engulfed by roaring fire. Everywhere the lava flowed through was transformed into a sheet of fire; all living things hastily ran from the disaster. Uriel gave a distant look at them, pondering if she should save them. Being the Keeper of the world, she should never intervene with anything happening there; but should she continue to watch idly by when it came to the lives of these mortals?

        Suddenly, piercing screams came from a group of people who could not escape in time and were trapped by lava. In the end, they were burnt to ashes. A thought of possibly reaching out and helping them had flashed across Uriel’s mind. Yet, before she could decide, those people were already lost. Once again, her hesitation had led to regret. She could not help but laugh as she recalled being criticized for her indecisiveness not that long ago...

        Back then, Metatron had been doing battle drills with her. Metatron was calm and collected, whereas Uriel was unusually nervous. As the strongest Keeper of all, Metatron had always been the opponent Uriel most wanted to overpower. Uriel flung her spear at Metatron, then swung a punch towards his face as he was preoccupied by the need to deflect the spear. Metatron took the chance to grab her fist, and threw a punch at her. Hastily, she gave him a kick. To avoid the blow, Metatron could only release her fist.

        Just as Uriel picked her spear up to launch another attack, Metatron’s weapon was already at her throat. Although she was discontent with her defeat, she did in fact lose.

        “You are always either too indecisive when you have to make a quick decision, or too reckless to launch a thought-out attack...” Metatron was walking away while speaking.

        “I want another round!”

        “I am going into seclusion to cultivate myself. I hope you will be stronger when we meet again.” With that, he fluttered his wings and glided to the air, then disappeared before Uriel.

        ‘Indecisive, reckless...?’ Uriel gazed at the sky with uncertainty, thinking about what he just said...

        Coming back to reality, Uriel noticed that the lava was flowing faster than before, and with the increased speed, more would be doomed. This time, Uriel did not hesitate. She flew on top of the lava and casted a magic circle to slow down the lava flow.

        ‘This isn’t technically an intervention, right?’ Uriel thought to herself, feeling pleased.

        Courage comes from doing the right thing; too much hesitation would just be a hinderance. Uriel came to realize this principle, and deeply believed in it...