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        While Lucifer was trapped by Raphael’s water sphere, Raguel seized this opportunity to fly into Enochian Tower and destroyed Lucifer’s source of absorbing elemental power —his magic circle. Lucifer faltered for a moment as he sensed the broken linkage between him and the tower; Uriel immediately thrusted her fiery spear at Lucifer’s head.

        Even though Lucifer’s magic circle was destroyed, he remained a mighty warrior who possesses immense elemental power. This was because of the power he had gathered ahead of time and power he absorbed from Michael. He calmly dodged Uriel’s attack, grabbed his opponent with one hand, and used his enormous strength to lift her into the air. Raphael did not dare to make rash decisions. Meanwhile, Gabriel made use of the chaotic battle and tried to attack Lucifer with his powerful magic.

         Lucifer then turned to Gabriel and said, “Hey tiny, are you really going to fight me?”

        Upon hearing Lucifer’s question, Gabriel recalled the good old days when he, Michael, and Lucifer made the perfect trio. His internal struggle nullified his magic attack.

        “What a pity… Both you and Michael couldn’t understand me.”

        Lucifer said as he converged light elements in his hand and shot the light at Gabriel. Unable to dodge the attack, Gabriel was knocked into the sea, sinking down to the bottom…

    ooking at the flashes above the sea’s surface, Gabriel knew the battle was not over. He wanted to spread his wings and fly upward, but the intense pain all over his body prevented him from moving; even flicking a finger was difficult.

        ‘I’m too weak…’ The dispirited Gabriel allowed himself to sink down to the seabed and closed his eyes. He thought to himself: Since I don’t have enough power to stop Lucifer, I might as well die right now; this way, I did not have to fight against his good old friend and suffer anymore internal struggles. Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice: “My dear friend, how long do you plan to sleep for?” ‘Michael?!’ Suddenly, a strong force pulled Gabriel out of the sea and placed him on the grass. He coughed up all the seawater and slowly opened his eyes. A maiden came into his view.

        “I’m sure it was Michael’s voice. How come…” Gabriel doubtfully looked at the maiden.

        “Michael is always with me.” The maiden smiled and gently closed her eyes. Spots of light appeared on her body, which then gathered to form a figure familiar; it was the person Gabriel had been missing — “Michael! Why did you turn into…” Gabriel reached out his hand, but was disappointed when he could not touch his friend. Michael sighed and said, “Lucifer broke the Keepers’ promise. What’s left in his eyes is only the desire for power. I failed to stop him, so I had no choice but to abandon my body and let my soul resided within Luna. Now, the time I’ve been waiting for finally come…” Michael walked toward Gabriel and transferred his power of light elements from the maiden to Gabriel.

        Gabriel was filled with power and his aching body completely healed.

        “Stand up, my friend. Merge our powers and bring an end to this chaos!” Encouraged by Michael’s words, Gabriel stood up with determination and his giant wings spread open once again. The exhausted maiden sat on the ground and said: “Go!” “Thank you, Luna.” After thanking Luna, Michael followed Gabriel and together, they flew toward Lucifer.

        Countless sparks flashed as weapons and water spheres from both sides clashed with each other. Lucifer clasped his hands and a powerful light sphere immediately formed. The sphere kept expanding while emitting strong radiance. Blinded by the radiance, Uriel and Raphael could not attack Lucifer, who was conjuring elements. As Lucifer released his clenched hands, the light sphere shot toward the two female Keepers. Injured, both of them fell onto the ground.

        Just as Lucifer wanted to launch the final fatal strike at the two Keepers, Gabriel arrived just in time to stop him. He gathered light elements to conjure a giant light sword, brandishing it at Lucifer. Gabriel's aggressiveness forced Lucifer to stop attacking Uriel and Raphael and defend himself. Gabriel flew to Uriel and Raphael after striking Lucifer away, while Sariel and Raguel returned after their energy was restored. As all the Keepers gathered, Michael revealed himself in front of them! Surprised, all the Keepers exclaimed: “Michael?!”

        “No matter how strong your enemy is, never forget the Keepers’ promise. Always have faith in yourself and your companions! We must drive him back into Enochian Tower.” Michael said firmly to the other Keepers, trying to restore the morale.

    abriel recalled the time they took their final test. In times of adversity, Michael not only would help turn the tides, he also always knew what to say to encourage them. He believed Michael could also do it this time. The Keepers braced themselves as they heard Michael’s heartening words. They stood in a circle and put their hands in the centre, as a symbol of their unbreakable bond.

        Meanwhile, Lucifer was ready to resumed the battle. He hovered over the battlefield and yelled at the Keepers: “Humph! Done?”

        All of a sudden, a water sphere shot toward Lucifer. Lucifer easily burst it, but did not expect Uriel to be hiding inside. As Lucifer was shocked by her presence, Uriel seized this opportunity to knock him toward Sariel and Raguel. Lucifer channeled the power of light elements in an attempt to spread his wings and rise up to fight again. However, it was not until then did he realize his wings were entangled with vines. He struggled and tried to break free, but Raguel instantly channeled his power into the vines, making it difficult for Lucifer to escape. Realizing this was the right moment, Gabriel emerged from the forest and grabbed Lucifer, taking him into Enochian Tower...

        “What a surprise! I never thought you, tiny, had such strength!”

        “I have someone with me!” Right after Gabriel spoke, Michael emerged from Gabriel’s body in the form of light spotst, sending Lucifer into shock.

        “Let’s bring an end to the chaos.” Michael channeled his power to subdue Lucifer and yelled to Gabriel, “Fly out of the tower! This is the best time to seal him! Go now!” “But what about you? You’ll be sealed up as well!” “Lucifer and I have already become one. There's no other way!” “No! I won’t let this happen! There must be another way!”

        Michael reached out his incorporeal hand toward Gabriel and said, “Nothing can destroy the bond of true friendship. Our hearts will always be connected.” With his eyes teared up, Gabriel firmly nodded in response. He left Enochian Tower and with the help of all the other Keepers, sealed Michael and Lucifer inside. As they were about to finish the seal, Gabriel thought he heard Michael's voice: ‘Always believe we’ll meet again someday.’

        “It’s over, finally.” Sariel, who was supported by Raguel, heaved a sigh of relief. Raphael patted Gabriel’s shoulder; she wanted to comfort him, but everyone's complicated feelings hindered her from uttering a word. Gabriel wiped his tears away and said to other Keepers with a smile: “It’s alright. I believe this wouldn't be the final farewell.” He fixed his eyes on the place Michael and Lucifer slept, hoping for the day he could reunite with his good friends...